Tips on Designing Small Bathrooms (Pt.2)
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Tips on Designing Small Bathrooms (Pt.2)

While bath time is arguably one of the most relaxing time spent at home, having a small crammed bathroom might not be the best way to spend this time. Here are tips for designing that small bathroom for more enjoyable bath times.

1. Try out a wall-mounted faucet.

Choosing to have your faucet on the wall instead of your sink or vanity allows the latter to be narrower, freeing up essential space in the bathroom. Don’t worry, it’s an extremely versatile option in Interior design Singapore!

2. Choose a large-scale pattern.

A large-scale pattern tricks the eye into focusing on an expanded space in Interior Design Singapore.

3. Mount the towel bar on doors and walls.

Mounting your towel bar on your shower door or walls is a great way to optimise the vertical hanging space in Interior Design Singapore especially compared to having more shelves.

4. Install a trough sink.

Trough sinks have a modern, stylish look in Interior Design Singapore. Since it is wall mounted, it saves some floor space for storage and ease of movement.

5. Select a vanity with shelves.

As long as you’re willing to put in the effort to maintain the cleanliness of your vanity, having a vanity with shelves is convenient for storage of towels and access to a basket for toilet paper in Interior Design Singapore.

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