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Thom Signature Reviews

Thom Signature Reviews: Since Thom Signature’s inception in 2005, we have established ourselves as one of the leading interior design companies in Singapore.

Specializing in various design services across different types of properties, we do our very best to give clients what they ask for whenever they engage with our services!

The following are some kind genuine words from our clients. Click on the link below to view more updated reviews too.

Thom Signature Reviews: Was researching a couple of id and found Tom signature design best suit for us in term of design and pricing. Engaged them and was very satisfied with the design and the quality of work done.

Our designer Simon is a customer obsessed person, he is also able to share multiple design for us to select and was able to exceed beyond our expectation in term of the quality of work . Highly recommended.

Dora Chua
6 March 2024

Thom Signature Reviews: Happy Haven: A Joyful Renovation Experience, Highly Recommended!

Our trusted interior designer, Thomas from Thom Signature Design, delivered again, thoughtfully renovating our new home with a keen eye for detail.

His understanding of our needs and consistent reliability made the process smooth. We appreciate his dedication to quality and recommend him for his professional, yet personal touch.

(P.S. Thomas renovated our first and second homes. We will definitely find him again for future home renovation)

Manisha Mehta
4 February 2024

Thom Signature Reviews: I came across Thomas’s firm as I was looking to engage an ID for our 3BR condo unit.

As a homeowner looking for great ideas with best deals, I finally shortlisted Thom Signature (amongst 4 IDs) to proceed with my home renovation project.

While most firms had similar ideas and almost competitive cost, it was Thomas attitude towards addressing my requirements, even before I signed him, being calm and patient to incorporate my ideas, while blending it with his expertise, was the deal clincher for me!

Once the project was onboard, he introduced me to Michelle, his ID who was personally overseeing the project for me. Her professionalism towards the renovation journey was impeccable. Communication was seamless and she provided us almost daily updates to the project. Both were open to incorporate any suggestions and sometime even last minute changes, without a frown or frustration. This is very important as you are dealing with lot of anxiety in your home renovation journey.

One experience that stood out for me was the texture paint in the master bedroom. The colour as chosen from the shade card didn’t match my expectations and Michelle was so accommodating to change it to my liking immediately without adding to the extra cost. Small incident, but explains how this firm of professional ID is willing to go the extra mile to ensure your home renovation project is a delightful and forward looking pleasant experience, not an anxious one!!

Even after the renovation, Michelle has been super prompt to address any minor issues..till date, with an equally supportive team!

The suggestions from both Thomas and Michelle, came with years of expertise and experience in this field, were practical.

Best part they showcase the ability to be able to understand your requirements with keen detail, incorporating your taste and preferences into the design ideas.

I can’t recommend Thomas and Michelle enough and without battling an eyelid, it’s the 1st ID that I would recommend to anyone!!

As they say, home should exude the warmth, calmness and comfort, your heaven!! Thomas and Michelle and the entire team did make an effort to transform it into one for me!!

30 January 2024

Thom Signature Reviews: We absolutely love Thomas and his crew, who did an amazing job in transforming our home. Not only did he create a stylish environment by combining what we wanted, but also able to recommend and suggest ideas that are both practical and thought through.

Renovation was done in a few stages, and most were completed within the time frame with no compromise on quality despite the tight time frame to move in.

Professionalism was demonstrated throughout and even supported us when we wanted to change some design down the road. Kudos to Thomas! We simply love our kitchen’s bare look where we wanted some industrial theme for our home. It was recommended to keep the wall as is after the hacking job, revealing the bare wall that was stunning from our pov. Glad that he suggested that and pivot along the way.

We had a wonderful time engaging him! Friendly and accommodating to our needs. Would definitely recommend his services to any of our friends and family!

Alana Hogarth
26 September 2023

Thom Signature Reviews: Thom Signature stood out due to how superbly organized they were. From their very first callback to schedule the first appointment with Jolene the designer, the numerous zoom calls discussing designs and layout and the regular weekly progress reports during the renovation process, all the way to the day of the handover, everything was done pretty much on time. When proposal were first presented after only one meeting via zoom, Thom Signature’s was the only proposal that seems to completely grasp the designs and functionality that I had in mind. Also the cost presented for those design ideas I requested were one of the closest to the budget.

During the renovation process we were out of town most of the time and not able to come and check in person to the site. However, every step of progress was communicated well and clearly. We received schedules of the planned works ahead of time and the progress report with clear pictures were received regularly. As with most renovation works, challenges appeared onsite with changes and rectification required. Jolene and Thomas were always ready with some suggestions with a few options for solution that we were quite happy to go with. Jolene went above and beyond to make life easy for us while we were not around and helped with all the finishing details including supervising installation of many appliances.

We couldn’t be happier with the result of their work and can’t find fault with the quality of the service craftsmanship provided by Thom Signature. One of the most outstanding quality about them is trustworthiness and professionalism. This speaks volumes. If we ever going to do it all over again we are more than happy to engage them again. Thank you Thomas and Jolene and the rest of Thom Signature team.

Angeline Wong
13 September 2023

Thom Signature Reviews: I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the exceptional work your team has done in designing my house. It has been a wonderful experience working with all of you, and I wanted to specifically commend the efforts of my interior designer, Allen.

Throughout the entire process, Allen has been incredibly patient, adaptable, and dedicated to ensuring my satisfaction with the final design. Despite my indecisiveness and frequent changes in design theme, Allen remained steadfast in guiding me through the decision-making process.

One of the major changes we made was switching from a retro theme to a Japandi theme. This decision required us to re-select all the tiles for the house and he has to draft a new design. Allen was there every step of the way, accompanying me to choose the perfect tiles, lightings, and fittings for the washroom. We spent hours together, and his knowledge and expertise were truly impressive.

Allen took the time to explain the pros and cons of different materials, laminated options, and various types of tiles. His valuable insights and recommendations made the decision-making process much easier for me, and I appreciated his patience in addressing all my questions and concerns.

I inserted new ideas for my house during halfway through the renovation processes. Allen was accommodative towards my requests. He was always there to make sure the workers’ workmanship was done up properly. The workmanship was remarkable, and I was delighted with the outcome.

Thanks to Allen’s dedication and professionalism, my house has been transformed into a beautiful and harmonious space that perfectly reflects the Japandi theme. The materials and tiles he helped me select have added a touch of sophistication and elegance to every room.

I believe that the success of any interior design project lies not only in the final outcome but also in the journey and experience throughout the process. With Allen and the Thom Signature team, I have had a truly remarkable experience that exceeded my expectations.

I cannot thank Thom Signature enough for their outstanding work and for assigning such a talented interior designer like Allen to my project. I highly recommend your services to anyone seeking a top-notch interior design company.

Once again, thank you for creating my dream home. Your expertise, dedication, and attention to detail have left a lasting impression on me.

Felani Yap
23 October 2023

Thom Signature Reviews: Before the start of our renovation, I had been looking for an ID who could execute my dream home design. I’m so glad that a friend introduced us to Thom Signature.

As a first-time home owner who is anxious and a perfectionist, working with Nigel and Fazrina really made our lives easier. During the renovation process, we didn’t need to worry about anything because they always kept us updated and handled any challenges that arose. Even after the handover period, they are still reachable in case we encounter problems.

If we ever need to do another renovation, we would not hesitate to reach out to them again. We are so grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Tuck Heng Wong
17 August 2023

Thom Signature Reviews: Engaged Allen through recommendation and was not disappointed. Started off with the discussion on our plan and he gave suggestions and advice when our ideas are not practical and how can it be designed better. And cost effective ideas (we are told by Allen not to waste money!) as well.

Each stage of our renovation was well planned and we are being kept in the loop with pictures very regularly. Saving us time on the need to keep visiting to update on the progress. Every renovation bound to have feedback but we are very glad that Allen understands our concerns, responded promptly and was rectified with quality.

As owners response of the ID is most important to me. Overall experience was good, fuss free, no headache. May not be the cheapest but price is reasonable and most important Quality! Recommended and trusted.

Bek Ernest
31 August 2022

Thom Signature Reviews: We sourced a few IDs and Thomas was highly recommended by few of our friends who engaged his services previously, raved about his professionalism and quality of service.

Due to COVID measures, we had very short timeline to work with, and Thomas was able to deliver it before deadline with excellence quality of work. He has good follow-ups and provided regular updates when I was overseas during the period of renovation.

He also provided practical and candid opinions which were useful in our planning. We enjoyed our experience with him. Will definitely engage him again in our next project.

Sihan Lin
10 July 2022

Thom Signature Reviews: A good ID really makes a world of difference. We were disappointed with our previous experience with another company doing our first BTO flat, and so were determined to shortlist and choose an ID that we felt most comfortable working with for our resale flat.

We decided to go with Allen after much deliberation and we were happy that we made this decision. Allen was very responsive (a trait that i personally appreciate alot), was able to give practical advice and forsee certain situations due to his vast experience and patient too in handling our queries (no matter how big or small, or how many times we ask).

There were inevitable minor hiccups along the way but Allen was quick in resolving them and did not once try to push/deflect the blame. Hence we were able to put our trust in him that he would do the right things.

Really enjoyed working with him through this long reno journey to make this resale flat our own!

Jasmine Lim Rui Chen
2 November 2019

Thom Signature Reviews: A big thanks to Allen and his team for renovating our first home. It was a job well done with minor defects, little disputes and great workmanship at a reasonable price. 😉👍

Before embarking on this renovation journey, we have been to many reno fair, ID companies, talks, online research, etc to gather tips, ideas and things to take note.. so we are definitely not an easy-going couple.. we look into very small details and are very particular about the workmanship.

During the renovation, Allen was very patient and straightforward, no hidden meanings and conditions, he will give his honest feedbacks and recommendation for every decision we make for the reno. I really appreciate that as compared to other ID which will either force their idea on you or just say yes to every thing you say. With his many years of experience, he was able to handle any hiccups quickly and rectify the issue.

He will always keep us in the loop of the progress by sending us photos of the site. Allen also accompany us to choose for suitable lightings, kitchen and toilet accessories. Although the handover was slightly delay, but the carpentry workmanship was excellent.. not 100% perfect but way above average @ 95%.. 😊👍

Once again, A very big thanks to you, Allen. Thanks for enduring our indecisiveness and pickiness.. xin ku le.. 😊

Doreen Tan
17 November 2019

Thom Signature Reviews: I am very lucky to have my friend’s recommendation to engage Thomas Poon as my ID as I am clueless on how to search for reliable ID since there were many bad encounters posted online and make one ponder, if good reviews are genuine too.

Handover of flat has been completed and defects are inevitable, what I am impressed is, as and when defects are reported to him, he take responsibility and to arrange for rectification works asap which is very good in my view, as most, may just MIA or do not respond.

He also respect one’s view on how the design or layout the owner prefer, and suggest feasible ways or modification so tt it will blend with the overall design. Thanks Thomas for accomodating to my request on ‘practicality’ and my family and friends also commented on the good workmanship for the carpentry works and overall view.

Thanks Thomas!