Commercial and Corporate Interior Design Firm in Singapore
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Interior Design for Commercial & Corporate Projects

With more and more new businesses sprouting up every day, it can get tough trying to establish one’s identity in Singapore. Thom Signature puts you and your business first; with the assistance of our highly talented interior designers and our wealth of valuable experience, we will help create a unique ambience and decor that will leave your customers mesmerised and in awe! Whether it is a small firm or large company, the goal of interior design for commercial or corporate spaces is to improve user experience by providing aesthetically pleasing as well as efficient solutions for better use of the space. It is not just about aesthetics, as space utilisation and functionality can change people’s lives and improve how they live.

Lighting arrangements, colour combinations and furniture all play a vital role in delivering the right look. Researches have shown that good commercial interior designs can be beneficial in increasing the productivity of employees. Creative interior spaces can also help stimulate and strike inspiration for brainstorming of ideas among teams effectively.

As one of the most important assets of an organisation, corporate image needs to be managed and built strong especially in a crowded and competitive market space. It reflects the public perception and reputation of a company, which impacts the long-term value of a brand. How interior design is related to corporate image is it tells people about the company that inhabits that space and what is its overall culture. It is also influential in giving off the right impression for people who are walking in through the door, whether it’s clients, business partners and associates, or your employees.

At Thom Signature, we specialise in interior design consultancy in Singapore and has worked with a variety of market segment, from small firms to big companies, to provide their ideal designed space. Armed with experience, our team of specialists will work to understand individual requirements of clients on their commercial interior design and bring out their corporate image and culture in the best way. We will address key challenges and create spaces that suit a variety of people for a number of activities for an optimal working environment that boosts productivity and enhances overall wellbeing. The result is a well-designed space that nurtures people and processes in support of business goals.

We don’t only work with human-centered spaces, we also specialise in veterinary set up. Interior design for veterinary practices should ideally create a clinical space that puts the well-being of patients at the forefront, while favouring ergonomic space to employees engaging in daily tasks. Our veterinary clinic design experience will check all the boxes to deliver safe and functional care to your furry friends. We also understand your unique needs to allow for suitable captivity of animals and make daily business activities easier to render a better overall service and experience.