Condo/Landed Property Interior Design & Renovation in SG
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Interior Design for Condominiums & Landed Property

With our expertise and widespread knowledge of the interior design industry, Thom Signature presents itself as the go-to option for homeowners looking to revamp their condominium or landed property. Our interior design experts are not only proficient in what they do, but they also understand the importance of complying to the different set of renovation rules and regulations that apply to condominiums and landed houses in Singapore.

Condominium Interior Design

Considering its compact size and minimal interior space, people find it hard to pull off a complete condominium renovation. Especially if you are a homeowner who has little to no experience in interior design, having to redecorate a living space on your own can be a rather tough task. This is when homeowners usually work with interior design experts to make sure their condo is exactly what they are looking for.

At Thom Signature, we also handle common condo works comprising ceiling works, carpentry works and miscellaneous works. Other than the maintenance aspect in our renovation packages, our interior designers also ensure that the look of your home fits the desired theme. Usually, it also involves defect checking so that our interior designers understand what furniture to get or which areas that may require more work to be done.

Landed Property Interior Design

Owning a landed property in Singapore has its own set of perks, but one of the most exciting ones is experiencing all the creative freedom for the interior design of your dream house where space is not a major constraint. This is the time where you would be scouring through home inspirations and ideas to determine how your home should look like. But the renovation journey can be unfamiliar, time-consuming and frustrating at times for homeowners, thus our team at Thom Signature would be of most help for a smoother, hassle-free process.

At Thom Signature, our job is to envision, plan and utilize your space in the most optimal way that is beautiful yet functional. We also will help you define your own style and style while determining how is the space going to be used. At the same time, we can set the ideal mood of a particular space in your home using key elements such as lighting, furniture, textures and colours. We work with clients from the beginning of the project till the end to produce a result that will meet expectations or even surpass it.

Your dream home 

Regardless if you have a minimalist style preference or something more luxurious, we will work accordingly to the requirements of our clients while providing our expertise and recommendations. By improving the layout, spatial allocation and design, you are also able to personalize the space better for a place to call home.

Our goal is to create a stunning and functional finished space that incorporates your interior design wishes and ideas so you can enjoy your newly renovated home for years to come. Let us at Thom Signature aid you on your renovation journey to enhance your quality of living.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We provide a plethora of options that are customised to the client needs and the functionality of the space. This can include kitchen cabinet, TV wall feature, and home entertainment center. Custom touches will help to give a personalised look unique to the space. Alternatively, we also work with skilled artisans to incorporate ready-made items into your design that still suit your lifestyle and taste.
With 15 years of experience under our belt, we have managed numerous renovation projects for both residential and commercial spaces in Singapore. Our client list includes more than 30 multinational corporations that entrust us with their design needs. Apart from specialising in interior design for HDB, condos and landed properties, we have also handled projects for vet clinics, restaurants, retail stores and offices.
Fees may be charged according to complexity of your designs, choice of materials and accessories included. We take the time to educate you on the value of items and maximise a suitable budget in mind. Each project is unique; therefore, we will discuss your vision for the project and the scope of work so you will know upfront what your overall costs will be like.
This varies depending on the type of material selection and where it is sourced from. You can check with our interior designer to help plan your schedule and manage expectations before production can begin. Our carpenters work with different types of woods, metals, mirrors, glass and more to ensure true compatibility with the purpose of your space, the desired design and your budget.