The Best Interior Design Blogs For Every Aspiring Interior Designer
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The Best Interior Design Blogs For Every Aspiring Interior Designer

We’re doing something a little different today with this article, instead of talking about DIY ideas and such we’re introducing some of the best interior design blogs that we have come across on the Internet. So without further ado, here are some truly inspiring interior design blogs that you would be remiss not to check out (links to blogs will be provided below):

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is a huge communal blog that’s frequently updated with myriad stories ranging from celebrity interior design Singapore to housing market updates and then some. All articles on the interior design blog itself are submitted by various artists from all over the world, and its heavily image-based format makes for some truly eye-opening insights into the latest in the world of interior design. A great blog not to be missed!

Fresh Design Blogs

Looking for a blog to satiate your love of modernist design? Fresh Design Blog could be right up your street, as it specialises in modern and contemporary interior design Singapore with the blog layout split into four categories: decorating, furniture, home accessories, and interior ideas. Not only does the interior design blog explore quirky approaches to creativity, it also provides insights into the practicality of decorating with pets in mind, among other real-life obstacles and scenarios that most people might not even consider.


EyeSwoon dabbles and excels in many fields of expertise, and the interior design blog often lists easy to follow top 10 guides and ‘five swoon worthy things’ which catapult interior design Singapore ideas at audiences, giving them some very welcome sources of inspiration from some of the best designers in the industry. EyeSwoon’s appeal lies in its dedication to illustrating room ideas and following it up with clear images of the items used to give the desired effect.

Design Hunter

Featured in the pages of The Sunday Times, and online with Good Housekeeping, as well as making the Pinterest UK Interiors Shortlist for 2018, Design Hunter has considerable pedigree in the interiors game. Design Hunter boasts one of the most alluring and simplistic interior design Singapore layouts in the blogosphere with its unique mix of strikingly minimalist interior designs and autobiographical stories that bring an added level of sophistication and flair that will attract many aspiring interior designers in the years to come.

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