Revamp Your Kitchen Interior With These Seven Simple Changes
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Revamp Your Kitchen Interior With These Seven Simple Changes

The interior of a kitchen set-up contributes significantly towards improving the internal set up of an apartment.

Due to this reason, most Singaporean homeowners find it essential to keep their kitchens up to standards and maintain an excellent interior.

To promote this pleasant outlook, the following techniques could be used to improve the kitchen’s interior design to be eye-catching and stunning.

1. Painting cupboards

Bright colours help in promoting the kitchen’s interior design towards remaining attractive. Bright colours always bring life, especially to a kitchen set up within an apartment.

This means more brilliant colours allow a splashing outlook that is eye-catching, thus promoting attractive designs.

2. Removing and replacing cupboard doors

Taking out an old cupboard and replacing it with a new one helps promote the attractive appearance of your cupboard set-up.

This means the new display will create and boost the attractiveness of the kitchen’s interior design with its fresh new appearance.

3. Adding clear glass panels

Most building and homes in Singapore find glass designs more attractive. Plus, more people are appreciating the use of glass decors to maintain beautiful interior and exterior set-ups.

With this in mind, new interior kitchen designs include setting up glass panels to replace cupboard doors and handles.

4. Using colourful cupboard knobs

We all love bright and attractive colours, and most condominium interior designs allow homeowners to use colourful door knobs that captures your eyes. These designs beautify the matching colours within the interior kitchen designs.

5. Inserting new kitchen shelves

 In a scenario where a kitchen’s interior design is limited by space, a homeowner may find it necessary to add new shelves onto walls.

This addition creates a unique interior design within the kitchen, thus making the kitchen more attractive. If you need assistance, you can get the job done by paying for a kitchen renovation package.

6. Buying and using plates with 3D designs 

Technology designs are now being used to make kitchenette utensils and cutlery more appealing. To promote new designs, new models in a 3D model are now used to add a brighter touch to the interior design of a kitchen. Increased usage of 3D models in cutlery makes the appearance of most kitchens more appealing.

7. Designing plate racks attached to walls

To promote space efficiency, one could adopt the use of plate racks that are usually attached on walls to create a new interior kitchen design.

Doing this lessens the burden of getting new shelves, which is costlier. Due to this reason, designing a plate rack would cost less compared to shelves, thus allowing a homeowner to apply designs suiting his or her needs. Furthermore, a plate rack set-up encourages simplicity and complexity associated with packing and storing of plates.


The recommended revamping measures can promote the creation of a simple yet attractive kitchen interior design. Another option would be designing new kitchen shelves, racks, and getting to adopt the use of 3D cutleries. If you need further inspiration or wish to leave it to the professionals, reach out to an interior designer with expertise in interior design consultancy in Singapore for a beautiful and functional kitchen.

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