It's Always Sunny: Bright Ideas For Your Interior Design
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It’s Always Sunny: Bright Ideas For Your Interior Design

Here in Singapore, it’s constantly bright and sunny, and the tropical climate calls for some much needed interior design Singapore tips to brighten up your home. Here are some much needed interior design Singapore tips and tricks to make your home as illuminating as possible:

Colour rinse and repeat

One good interior design Singapore rule of thumb is to paint with vibrant colours in repeating patterns in your home to help make your colour choice look more purposeful and stand out more. For example, use a vibrant shade of sky blue in your living room and dining room to create an air of relaxation. In turn, this helps to keep most of your small and large furniture neutral in colour to balance your home’s interior design in the long run.

Go for whites

A lot of interior design Singapore companies and contractors swear by the colour white when it comes to designing a home. Why? For three simple reasons: white is fresh, easy on the eyes and pleasant. There are myriad variations of white to choose from: eggshell white, bone, or pearl white, all of which have their own distinct personality that they bring to the table. You can even employ white colours for various apparel such as throw pillows, curtains, sheets and towels to emphasise the freshness and cleanliness of your space.

Go for rugged and attractive

This last interior design Singapore tip often brings a sense of ruggedness to any home, pardon the pun. Much Like their distant cousin the carpet, the fabric and hue of a rug will make a total difference to your interior design Singapore aesthetic as a whole. For instance, sisal rugs are very popular nowadays and the fact they’re inexpensive increases their appeal exponentially. You can buy sisal rugs in most department stores or specialty shops, or you can approach your interior design Singapore firm to ask about the best rugs to add to your home.

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