Renovating Your Rental Apartment On A Budget
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Renovating Your Rental Apartment On A Budget

So you’ve finally rented an apartment flat that you like, all except for the interior design which is not up to your tastes. So how do you go about revamping your rental flat and not tear down any existing walls? Let’s take a look at some helpful interior design Singapore tips and tricks on how to revamp your rental apartment on a budget:

Use removable wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is making a big comeback on the interior design Singapore scene for all the right reasons, so why not jump on the bandwagon and incorporate it into your home interior? Not only is this kind of wallpaper pretty cheap and least likely to put a dent on your overall budget, you can paste it on parts of your house that you feel needs a little refreshment and remove it later with relative ease when your apartment lease is up! Also, removable wallpaper can be reused later on so keep that in mind.

Change up the lighting

Lighting as an interior design Singapore tool can help enhance the overall aesthetic of even the smallest of rental apartments in a visual manner. If the lighting fixtures in your rental flat are not up to par or might seem outdated and not in line with what you want for your home interior, go for fixtures such as a pendant light or a chandelier (i.e. geometric chandelier) which can quickly and surely change your overall aesthetic in an instant!

Add a little greenery to your place

Last and not least, this is one great interior design Singapore aesthetic that will make your rental flat even more effervescent and green! Add a few potted plants, real or otherwise, around parts of your house that you feel might be in need of a change in scenery. For instance, put some herbs such as thyme and rosemary in your kitchen to add that tranquil aesthetic (and also you can use them in your cooking), or if you have a balcony you can place some potted plants around there to give it a little pizazz and flair!

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