More Creative Home DIY Renovation Ideas In 2018
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More Creative Home DIY Renovation Ideas In 2018

Do you need more really awesome DIY renovation ideas to spur those creative juices and get them flowing? We have just the thing for you, so here are a few more excellent DIY interior design Singapore ideas to help get you started:

Revamp your study

Release your inner interior design Singapore decorator here by utilising certain aesthetics and colours to accentuate your study. You can have a chandelier hanging from the ceiling, or even have a vintage study table (made from oak or mahogany, etc.) to give off a more classy vibe a la Mad Men.

Add bricks to the decor

If you want your house to give off a bit of a rustic vibe, add some brick to your home to add to the pleasant interior design Singapore aesthetic of your home! For example, you can fashion one of your walls in the living room with red bricks (or some ersatz alternatives if you can’t afford to get the real deal) to add a dash of vintage flair to the proceedings.

Add a walk-in

This is a definite must and a great interior design Singapore feature: add a spacious walk-in closet to your home! You can turn a vacant room that would be otherwise have no use into a huge walk-in, replete with vanity, a wardrobe for your clothes and jewellery.

Go for a simple aesthetic

Sometimes, going for the ostentatious route may not always be aesthetically pleasing. Instead, a minimalist look and feel might be a better interior design Singapore alternative than a lot of people might think, especially if they subscribe to the “less is more approach” when it comes to interior design Singapore concepts.

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H/T: Architectural Digest

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