How To Set Up Your Study At Home
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How To Set Up Your Study At Home

These days, more people are bringing their work home with them and as a result, home offices and studies are built as a separate space away from the comforts of home to remedy this situation. But how should a study look like to maximise the productivity of one’s work while remaining as aesthetically pleasing and comfortable as possible? Here, we shall take a good look at some viable DIY interior design Singapore ideas for your study:

Make use of the space in your study

When accessorising your study space, be sure to use items and materials that help elevate the space albeit subtly without being too ostentatious. For example, interior design Singapore metallics like gold, brass and silver have a way of instantly elevating a space, without being too distracting.

Populate your bookshelf

One of the defining interior design Singapore features for any study is a well-stocked bookshelf full of the best reading materials. Hence, make sure to populate that bookshelf in your newly furbished study with some books that relate to your interests and hobbies, as well as place any ornate embellishments to aestheticise your little library as a whole.

Add natural elements to your home study

To create a stress-free environment, it’s recommended that you use natural interior design Singapore elements that not only makes your study feel more relaxed and subdued but which also elevates the space to make it as relatively stress-free as possible. One way to achieve this is by using muted accessories made from materials such as wood like oak and pine (or any other kinds). Also, one can take advantage of white walls and natural wood to make the space more relaxing as well.

Use a white backdrop

If you’re one to consistently change styles on a whim, having a white backdrop allows you to to customise your study as you see fit without having to continually repaint the walls or get in touch with an interior design Singapore contractor. For instance, you can use new pillows, patterns and accent colours as you desire on a cyclical basis as a way to merely accentuate the room and add a spark of contrast as you like.

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