How To Plan A Big Party At Home
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How To Plan A Big Party At Home

Be it a time of celebration or a reunion, parties are fun yet they require meticulous planning and loads of preparation beforehand. Hosting a big party at your home can help save on major costs as a result, so here are some handy interior design Singapore tips and tricks for your contemplation when planning for the party of a lifetime in the comfort of your own home:

Planning who to invite

Set the size of the party with the help of an interior design Singapore party planner or by yourself, and also figure out who you want to invite whilst making sure your potential guests are familiar with each other aside from you. The guests you invite help to set the mood for the remainder of the party, so invite those who you think will help enliven the atmosphere, for example if you’re planning a Saturday football night event invite your kakis over for some quality bonding over a Premier League game.

Making use of the amenities around you

While hosting your party at your home is the cheapest possible alternative, sometimes there isn’t enough space to fit your guests or your house’s interior design Singapore aesthetic may not gel with what you have in mind. As a way to work around such limitations, why not consider booking a BBQ pit at a nearby condo or HDB flat, all for a reasonable price. However, do make sure to book as soon as possible, especially if you intend to host a large gathering at an opportune moment such as the June school holidays for instance. In addition, make sure to check the weather forecast for any instances of heavy rain and have a backup plan in case of emergency.

Making sure there is plenty to go around

One of the most important aspects of planning a party apart from the interior design Singapore decor and mood is the food. More than just filling up the tummies of your guests, the menu you have in mind has to be solely based on the the theme of your party and guests. For example, if you’re hosting a pot luck dinner or a large family outing do make sure to opt for an all-you-can-eat buffet with loads of food to satiate your guests’ voracious appetites. Don’t forget to look out for specific dietary needs and restrictions as well, as you would want them to have a good time!

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