How To Beautify Your Office Space In 5 Ways
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How To Beautify Your Office Space In 5 Ways

Going to work can affect your mood and productivity in more ways than one, so it makes perfect sense to perk up your workspace to make it less intimidating and more accommodating. Here’s how you can beautify your office table for that little extra motivation you need to make it through the day.

Small plants

Liven up your table with some low-maintenance plants! We do highly recommend succulents and cacti to start. That is because these hardy interior design Singapore companions only require watering once a week, as well as be with you through the good and bad days. To amp up the cute factor, consider getting marimo balls, which are little squishy balls of algae that look like moss.

Decorative bookends

One great way to give your office table some style is to use decorative bookends. Not only are decorative interior design Singapore bookends pretty but super functional to boot. There are practically no restrictions with bookends when it comes to length and width, so you can place them as far apart as needed to hold your growing collection of books, files and documents in place.

Cork board and washi tape

If you have a cork board lying around, decorate it with some washi tape, which is a form of patterned Japanese tape that makes any interior design Singapore space look more fabulous in an instant! Cover the empty space on your cork board with some exquisite posters and inspirational quotes, and you can stick post-its onto the board for your daily reminders.

Binder clips

Binder clips are extremely useful and can be used in many creative ways. One such ingenious interior design Singapore way is to clip them to the edge of your table and slide your cables through the metal wings to prevent any entanglement. If you think the plain binder clips aren’t aesthetically pleasing as you’ve hoped, you can whip out the last of your washi tape for an aesthetically pleasing visual.

Keep your office space tidy

Put away stuff that you’re hesitant about throwing out in an A4 paper box and tuck it safely under your table. If you want to dress up your box so to speak, try wrapping the exterior in recycled interior design Singapore Christmas wrapping paper or a few pages torn out from your favourite magazines. Be sure to check your box once in awhile to clear out any unnecessary items you truly don’t need.  

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