Great Ways To Use Textures And Lighting In Your Home
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Great Ways To Use Textures And Lighting In Your Home

Are you tired of the usual interior design Singapore ideas when it comes to lighting your home or adding a dash of texture? We got you covered! Here are a few excellent DIY ideas that you can use to improve your lighting and textures at home:

Bricks and spots hit the spot

Using interior design Singapore features such as artfully designed exposed brick walls are a great and innovative way to emulate uniqueness in your interior design Singapore decor as a whole. In addition, you can implement centralized and strategic spot lighting with track lights installed on the ceiling to illuminate the wall.

Using bold designs

Another great interior design Singapore feature you can use is criss-crossing bold patterns such as this in-built storage shelf here, which is a great example where you can use bold lines and dimmed lighting to create the perfect artistic ambience. The asymmetric quality of such an interior design Singapore feature is highly attractive and the wooden backdrop just makes the whole design look stylish.

Partition storage

Using stylishly designed partition storage as an interior design Singapore feature is one of the most pragmatic and efficient ways to create a visually pleasing barrier in your home. For example, going for black trimming provides a nice outline while having a down-drop of dim gold ceiling lights creates an amazing ambience that helps set off the wooden tones perfectly.

Keep the design sweet and simple

Having a simple and sweet interior design Singapore feature makes up the aesthetic of any room in a simple, straightforward and plainest way to add a bit of personality to your home. With the bright offset of natural light in the backdrop, any simple texture stands out even more acutely, especially coupled with myriad colour hued furnishings to have the designs stand out in its simplicity.

Half and half designs

The half and half combination in many homes creates a quirky and pleasant combination and is an especially interior design Singapore feature as a whole. For instance, the industrial style hanging lights used in the hallway corridor can provide a great lighting contrast that works well with the natural light coming in from the window. This interior design Singapore feature is the perfect mixture of artificial and natural elements within a nicely designed interior design home.

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