DIY Ideas To Spice Up Your Interior Design
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DIY Ideas To Spice Up Your Interior Design

Interior design is so much more than making your space look nice, and if executed well, beautiful interior design can change the atmosphere of a home and give homeowners something to talk about. Here are a few interior design Singapore ideas to implement the most beautiful design elements in your home:

Using the space well

Your home is where your interior design Singapore aesthetic will be displayed to maximum effect. Hence, get to know its features and dimensions as you walk around to understand the space a lot better. Also when planning the layout of your space, it’s about getting the balance right between positive (furnished) and negative (unfurnished) space, so your home never feels overcrowded.

Drawing lines for aesthetic purposes

Using the right combination of lines can alter any perception of the home, making small spaces feel large and vice versa. If your lines are out of balance, you can utilise horizontal lines which can be added through items such as rugs, tables, and floor tiles. For example, vertical lines which can be made with drapes, columns, and wall hangings and lastly, dynamic lines add interest and movement, such as curves and angles, to your home interior design Singapore aesthetic overall.

Give depth with form design

Forms help to balance the space, as well as add depth and character. You can include some interior design Singapore ideas, such as a mix of shapes (e.g. circles, squares, and triangles), or choose to focus on a key one. Bring in statement pieces by playing with form and bringing in statement pieces such as unusually or boldly shaped furniture or sculptures.

Light and illumination in the home

Not only is light a key element to good interior design Singapore embellishments and aesthetics, it can also influence one’s own perception of the home interior design by directing focus to different areas, make vertical columns, or project a horizontal path through a room. Mood or atmosphere is also heavily influenced by lighting, so it’s important to spend time getting it right.

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