DIY Ideas For Fixing Up Your Bathroom
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DIY Ideas For Fixing Up Your Bathroom

Sprucing up your bathroom may sound like a complex job in itself, but you don’t need to hire an interior design Singapore consultancy to revamp your bathroom at an exorbitant price. Therefore, here are some unique and amazing DIY ideas to fix up your bathroom:

Update your fixtures

Sometimes your faucet and/or washbasin can start to leak after years of use, so it might be time to get them replaced. But more than that, you can actually use these new interior design Singapore replacements to help give your bathroom some levity and make it feel brand new, all without having to replace a single tile! Another example is to paint the walls and medicine cabinet white and let the tiles speak for themselves. With a cleaner background thanks to the addition of white, your coloured tile could be a new favourite. However, even if you do end up ripping out the tile, you can reuse the fixtures in the next phase of your bathroom renovation.

Add a touch of class and embellishment

Another interior design Singapore element that helps accentuate the colour of your bathroom tiles, use any form of artwork such as what you hang on the walls to your advantage. Usually there might be some space for only one or two pieces in a smaller bathroom depending, so focus on pulling in the tile colour to create a sense of balance. The rest of the art can be something you love and can feature more of your favourite colours, but still allowing the artwork to connect with the space.

Painting the bathroom tiles

If you really can’t stand the colour of your current tiles, you can paint them but make sure to purchase a good primer (oil based, not water based). Even if you end up doing some of the work yourself, it’s always best to get in touch with a professional interior design Singapore painter first before you go ahead with priming your tiles. Every project differs from the next, so there’s no second chances when it comes to painting tiles so plan carefully.

Update your bathroom space

Liven up your interior design Singapore bathroom space with some wallpaper, curtains, a ceiling fixture or even painted vanity doors to make your bathroom one of a kind! Bathrooms are the perfect place to try something more fun than you’d normally be used to. Just don’t make your bathroom so lively you end up never wanting to leave!

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