Choosing The Right Dining Table For Your Home
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Choosing The Right Dining Table For Your Home

The dining table is the epicentre of all things food, be it a sumptuous feast with your relatives and closest friends or a simple family meal. If you need some tips on picking out the perfect dining table for your home, let us give you the rundown on these great ideas for the right table:

Go big(ger) or go home

Picking out a dining table comes with the first thought of how many people can be accommodated. Don’t just think of your own immediate family when picking out the right table as an interior design Singapore feature, look to how many guests, including relatives and friends, that you can accommodate for special occasions or even a typical Sunday dinner, as well as the shape of the table and if it has a retractable interior design Singapore feature that should also be taken into consideration.

Go for a round table

If you live in a relatively small home, round tables are a great compact use of interior design Singapore space. Why is this so? Round tables have smaller footprints compared to their rectangular or square counterparts, hence they can be fitted into a space that wouldn’t normally be ideal for a different type of table. They’re also great for in-kitchen dining spaces, breakfast nooks, and open-concept living-eating areas.

Go for a glass table

There are some homes with great interior design Singapore features that doesn’t have as abundant space or great natural light. So, to remedy this, using a glass table can make a great interior design Singapore embellishment, as it helps open up and lighten any space via its reflective surface. While a glass table might require a bit more maintenance than say wooden tables when it comes to errant smudges, a little glass cleaner does work wonders for those stubborn stains. One great addition would be keeping a simple centrepiece on your glass table and pairing it with bold chairs for a great interior design Singapore aesthetic.

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