Buying A New Home: What To Look Out For
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Buying A New Home: What To Look Out For

Buying a new home or even renovating it through an interior design Singapore firm, whether it be a HDB flat or a high-rise condominium, is more than just getting a good feel of the place. There are quite a few considerations to ponder over as you scrutinise potential homes, so let us provide some interior design Singapore tips on what to look out for before you purchase your dream home:

Inspect the pipes for leakage

The kitchen may look nice, but it’s what lurks beneath that really matters. Ask for permission from your interior design Singapore contractor to open the cupboards and inspect the pipes. Make sure that there are no leaking, mould or cracks, as any defects would result in a costly and/or troublesome repair. Check metal piping, especially the joints, for any evidence of corrosion, also pipes connected to floor drainage, must be visually inspected for any defects.

Check the floorboards for discrepancies

If your new home has hardwood/parquet flooring, check that there aren’t any loose pieces, or areas that are rotting from water seepage will show signs of water damage via blackened edges. You’d also want the wood to be smooth and well-maintained, in particular the varnish shouldn’t have worn off, exposing the actual wood to wear and tear. If the flooring is tiled by the previous interior design Singapore contractor, tiles should not be missing, chipped, cracked, or popped out. For vinyl/laminated flooring, make sure that are no uneven spots, which you can feel under your feet.

Check the cabinets thoroughly

If your new apartment comes with wooden cabinets in the kitchen and built-in wooden furniture such as wardrobes, as to check the insides for signs of termites and other insects. Signs of termites include the presence of wings, holes, sawdust and/or termite droppings. With the aid of an effective interior design Singapore contractor, bring a torchlight to illuminate those dim cupboard corners.

Scrutinise the switches

When you’re buying your new home and you’re not sure if you need to engage an interior design Singapore electrician, try every switch to see if it works. If the lights or water heater doesn’t come on, it could be that a new bulb is needed, or there are some wiring problems that require an electrician’s attention. The sooner you realise it, the better.

Look at the walls and ceilings

Walls and ceilings should be stainless and without cracked paints or exposed concrete. If the wall or ceiling has a yellowish/brownish/greenish stain or paint that looks like it’s peeling, flaking off or bubbling, it means that there’s probably a leaking problem. For ceilings, this could mean the problem originates from the unit directly above, which will be near impossible to solve without the help of an interior design Singapore contractor to help plug up any cracks and holes.

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