5 Small Changes That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Home
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5 Small Changes That Will Make A Big Difference In Your Home

It’s the little things that can make a world of difference. In the case of your home, it’s all about making small but smart changes for a noticeable impact. Whether it’s a condo or landed property interior design, here are some minor changes you can make around your home to give it a whole new look!

1. Decorate the exterior

What better way to start this enhancement process than to begin from the outside before working your way in? The possibilities of jazzing up the exterior are endless. But to give you some ideas, here’s what you can do:

  • Add potted plants
  • Hang up a new display plate for your unit number
  • Get a new gate or door – or both

2. Update your wall coverings

Over time, the paint’s colour will fade away from its initial shade. So, why not touch it up or give it a new look? If you’re aiming for a minimalist style, then consider painting over the walls with white paint! White walls are crisp, clean and can brighten up almost any home – and also suit any luxury interior design.

Another option is wallpapers! However, you should think carefully about the kind of prints you want before buying and applying them. Remember, with wallpapers, you either want to make a statement or have them be subtle enough to fade into the background.

3. Get new window coverings

Now, window coverings have gone beyond their basic functions as controlling the light that gets in, to adding a certain flair to your home. With the options of opting for curtains or blinds, it might seem like a lot to think about. However, it isn’t that complicated because what matters the most is your preference! After all, it is your home so you should have a say in how it’s being decorated.

4. Get rid of clutter

Often, clutter is the result of a lack of storage options – not lack of space. So, start examining your household with critical eyes: is there anywhere you can add shelves, cabinets, or some baskets to hide away toys or paperwork? Look through all the clutter and dispose those that do not spark joy in you, as Marie Kondo would say.

5. Rearrange your furniture layout

You can include some changes to your home in a way that’ll make it seem like you’ve moved houses. If there’s a room that doesn’t excite you anymore, then that can be your starting point! Take note of the current arrangement. If it helps, draw a diagram. Then, redraw the room by rearranging the same pieces of furniture. Take note that measurements are vital and that furniture should never obstruct any windows.

Once you’re happy with the final position, then go ahead and rearrange the furniture as you wish!


We hope the ideas listed above are enough to inspire you to refresh your home and transform it into something new. For any kinds of renovation to spruce up your home such as bedroom renovation, feel free to contact us! With Thom Signature, you can anticipate a beautifully and thoughtfully designed bedroom crafted by our passionate interior designers.

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