Minimalistic Home Designs & Ideas To Transform Your Home
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Minimalistic Home Designs & Ideas To Transform Your Home

At its essence, minimalism is the intentional advocacy of things one deemed to be valuable and the removal of things that are not. Minimalism is practical simplicity. Nowadays, minimalism is the go-to design in almost every aspect of human life. It also acts as a visual aesthetic that has been trending in recent years. Minimalism is neither lavish nor ostentatious a design, yet provides all the elegance of simplicity at face value. Here are some of the minimalist condo interior designs that can fully transform your home.

Make It Simple in Form and Function

A minimalist home should be simple and straightforward, and yet be able to make you feel at home. Spaces are thought out and effectively utilized by using well-designed storage facilities such as wall drawers and bed frames with drawers.  Minimalistic furniture and decorations with simple designs are preferred. By adopting a minimalist look, you can do away with any home accessories to adorn your home. The absence of things is also a hallmark of individuality, after all.

Go Monochrome

A minimalist design will refrain from using bright and loud colours for any of its walls. Neutral colours will suffice, and these colours are usually the go-to palettes. White, beige and grey are some of the more popular colours opted and many will use louder colours as accents should they desire a slightly more vibrant space. By having a more-or-less monochromatic colour palette, you are essentially reducing everything to its bare essence.

Wall Coverings and Wall Finishes Should Be Minimalistic

Your wall coverings and wall finishes should not be too complicated. Uncomplicated and straightforward finishes effectively provide clarity to your rooms and have a visual appeal that reflects the materials used to decorate the walls.

Keep Only the Essential

Are you finding it hard to tell what is essential from what isn’t? Here is the truth: if you find yourself with an object you have not used for a year, chance are, you don’t need it. The essence of minimalism is to eliminate unnecessary possessions. As with the Marie Kondo method, you can start decluttering by reflecting whether you needed that particular object or whether that item sparks joy. By using this approach, you can separate which of items you wish to keep and ones you can throw out. You can go further by either selling the rest or giving them out as donations.

The Detailing Should Be Simple

While simplicity is at its core, it does not mean you can’t have a luxurious look if you desire for it. To procure a synergy in opulence and simplicity, one needs to have a good understanding that the details make or break the entire visual. Most would employ the services of landed house interior design firms that have the experience and expertise to pull off the unique requirements of private properties. Your choice of materials and designs should bring about that seemingly effortless synergy. Luxury interior design is still a possibility with minimalism.

Basic Principles of Minimalist Home Designs

Creating a minimalist interior for your homes usually requires some skill. Here is what you can do:

  • It’s Quality Above Everything Else

Quality comes before quantity in minimalist designs. Avoid clutter. Everything should be well accounted for; the storage spaces should be adequate, and the house should be appropriately furnished. Effective utilization and practicality are the backbones of any minimalist design.

  • Go for Furniture That Overemphasizes the Glamour of Your House

Purchase your best piece of furniture and let it be the statement piece of your room. Perhaps a sanctum leather sofa in your living room or coffee table with an intriguing geometric base, are some suggestions. You don’t need to settle for the cookie-cutter furniture just because ofyour minimalistic home interior. Don’t be afraid to be creative!

  • Fix One Piece of Art That Dominates

Minimalism doesn’t require a lot of decorations, getting a standalone piece of art fixated on your wall will work wonder on the overall look of your house.


Minimalist home designs typically follow the trend of simplicity and attention to detail. However, the details involved are purely out of preference and may range from one person to another. Should you wish to only renovate certain parts of your house, we have specific packages such as the kitchen renovation package, to transform the area to your desired look without having to splurge as much. Discuss your design ideas and needs with our team today!

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