HDB Renovation Package | HDB Home Interior Design Singapore
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Interior Design for HDB Homes

Designing the perfect HDB interior requires tons of effort. And here at Thom Signature, we know what needs to be done in order for our client to achieve their dream house.

While there are many people in Singapore who seek to put together a brand-new home, furnishing the house with gorgeous furniture which follows a fixed theme to keep the design consistent throughout. There remains another group of homeowners who are simply interested in taking up a renovation package, revamping the home with slight changes to rebuild the original look of the home that was once attained.

Thom Signature understands how certain homeowners are not looking to create the interior of a house from scratch and with our experienced interior designers and planners, we desire to help our clients in the revamping of their existing homes. Whether it is redecorating the entire interior or simply putting our focus in specific areas such as the bedroom, Thom Signature does it all.

HDB renovations in Singapore are an uphill task that cannot be done by the average homeowners themselves. Without the necessary experience and knowledge, help from interior design experts are needed to assist in the design and planning.

Our interior designers will work closely together with you and find out what kind of look you desire exactly. The choice of themes that we offer is aplenty, from scandinavian, transitional, bohemian, rustic to mid-century modern. Moreover, by discussing with us, we will understand how to design the interior according to your preferences. If functionality happens to be your top priority, we know what to do for you to get that in your very home. On the other hand, if furniture, supplies and materials are your main concern, then you can let yourself know that you are in good hands when you are taking up a renovation package with Thom Signature. We have the knowledge in knowing where to source for high-quality materials for a reasonable cost, making sure that our clients are getting their money’s worth. If it is a refurbished kitchen interior that you desire, then you are sure to get it. With that being said, we are also proud to say that our interior design experts are aware of the HDB guidelines and regulations. Keeping that in mind, they are sure to remodel your HDB in a way that ensures that these rules are being applied, so as to avoid any violations.

Getting in touch with one of our interior designers does not mean that they will be the ones making all the final decisions for the project. We gladly welcome any of your ideas or suggestions that you may have for us with an open mind, just give our interior planners a heads up before diving into the project. Understanding this, we make sure to come up with a personalised solution for you based on your specific requirements so you are satisfied with the overall look of your apartment.

With Thom Signature, you can look forward to a beautifully developed home with the help of our professional interior designers!