The Defects In Your Home: Where To Check
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The Defects In Your Home: Where To Check

There are some places in your home that might be affected by the interior design Singapore renovations that took place before you moved in. However, do you as the new homeowner know where to look? Here are some interior design Singapore tips and tricks to help you know which parts of your home needs looking into:


The first and definitely most important place in your home has to be the bathroom for sure. For one, interior design Singapore experts would say it’s best to check your bathroom when there’s sufficient light, so checking it at night is a no-no. The biggest focal points here are parts of the bathrooms wrapped in plastic, as there is the possibility that they are defective. For instance, the toilet flush is malfunctioning or the faucet and shower head are faulty hence they are wrapped in plastic, so get in touch with an interior design Singapore contractor to get this issue resolved asap.


In the case of your bedrooms, the first thing you want to do is check the flooring first and foremost. The material used by the interior design Singapore contractor depends on the previous homeowner’s chosen material for the floor. For example, wooden flooring might have some scratches and dents on them which needs to be ironed out asap, and if concrete or marble tiles was used instead, check for any disjointments and gaps in between. Also make sure to check the windows, such as the glass panels being checked to ensure they are installed securely and properly.


The storeroom is where you keep your valuables and any belongings that would otherwise not fit into the home, hence this is why it’s often seen as one of the most invaluable places in the home. So, make sure the more important aspects of the storeroom are secure, such as the door handle which has to be secure and in good working order or the interior of the storeroom which has to have ample space for as much stuff as you can store in it. If anything, get in touch with an interior design Singapore contractor to help revamp the storeroom and ensure it’s safe and secure as a whole for your items and valuables .

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