Spice Up Your Home with Metallic Accents During COVID-19
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Spice Up Your Home with Metallic Accents During COVID-19

Nothing beats the style and elegance brought by metallic accents when you want to create an impressive home interior design.

You can’t go wrong or overboard with metallic accents regardless of which room you pick. Every room in your home can get a bit of the metallic splash. From highlighted mirror frames to excellent cabinet hardware, you can add a little bling in your home in so many ways.

Here are tips to help you make your metallic dreams come true.

Why Metallic Accents

Although metallic accents have been around for aeons, people have just recently begun to embrace them. They make excellent complements for both neutral pallets and jewel tones. They also work well with other materials – wood, marble and glass – and it’ll give your home a new layer and dynamic to the visual. Plus, the fact that these metals come in various colours also allows you to get creative! For instance, a soft romantic theme will include neutrals and nothing works as good as rose gold metal embellishments. You can never go wrong in your condo’s interior designs with metallic accents.

Here’s how to incorporate them.

Ideas for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the home for metal. Think about it, from shiny chrome taps and stainless steel sink faucets to sparkling tableware and crockery. The fact that they are durable, resistant to liquids and are much more sanitary than their counterparts make them the best material for the kitchen!

If you’re looking into installing marble countertops, what better way to boost the elegant flair by adding silver to the design? You can also sprinkle bronze knobs to complement your wooden cabinets if you’re looking for that rustic charm. Ensure that you know what visuals you wish to get out of your interior design package and let the interior design team know!

Ideas for the Bathroom

Rivalling the kitchen as the “home of metallic accents” is the bathroom.  Due to the characteristics mentioned prior, metal accents and metal furnishings are popular in the bathroom. Stainless steel is often the number 1 choice but why not spice a few things up by adding a bit of bronze here and there?

Ideas for the Living Room

The living room is the first space you and your guests will come across when one first enters your home. Thus, it wouldn’t be that far fetched to say that your living room is what makes the first impression.

Blow your guests away by incorporating metallic furniture to give your home a monochromic yet exquisite touch. Consider a bronze legged sofa or an intricately designed metal coffee table. The living room is always the highlight in every condo and landed property renovation, so have a go and look through several home interior catalogues for ideas and inspiration!

These are just a few tips that will help you incorporate metallic accents in your home. Of course, with every design element, it’s easy to get carried away and include metal furnishings in every nook and cranny. To ensure that your home looks visually harmonious, be sure to discuss with us at Thom Signature, an interior design consultancy firm in Singapore! Our team of expert designers possesses the knowledge, skills and experience to help you attain the dream house you’ve always wanted.

In view of the recent pandemic, we have ceased physical operations temporarily in favour of ensuring the safety of our staff and clients. That said, we are still open to discuss any queries that you may have! Just drop us a message via WhatsApp or book an e-appointment! We strive to continue to provide you with quality service whilst staying safe.

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