Spice Up Your Home: 4 Ideas for a Striking Statement Wall
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Spice Up Your Home: 4 Ideas for a Striking Statement Wall

You’ve bought your dream house and the necessary furniture. However, you realised that something is missing and your home doesn’t exude the atmosphere you envisioned it to.

A straightforward solution to remedy this frustrating issue is simple: decorate your walls! Your walls are an essential component in interior design and the lack of wall décor may render your home look incomplete and bare. The question is, how do you create a statement wall? Worry not, we’ve gathered 4 wall ideas you may want to consider. 

1. Think Hard On Your Colour Choices

One of the most straightforward approaches to create a statement wall is to just paint it in a bold colour. Bold colours will immediately grab the attention of your guests that first step into your home. If you wish for a slightly subtler look, you can opt for a bright colour. Bright colours have the propensity to make a room appear brighter since they bounce more light rays than their darker counterparts.

It’s important to also note that your statement wall should be of a different colour than the rest. For instance, if your main colour palette is neutral beige, you can paint one wall soft pink. It will definitely add a different dimension to the overall look. 

2. Opt For Detailed Designs

You don’t have to stop at solid colours if you prefer something more interesting. Achieve a scene-stealing wall with wallpapers that boast loud prints. You may also want to look into wood panelling that’s etched with geometric design to give your space a boost of a modern but elegant look. This can work at any part of the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom. This can be included in your kitchen renovation package, where the statement wall can be by the stove or the sink. Your options are endless!

3. Hang A Large Painting Or Photo

You may want to consider a large painting or a picture on one of the walls. It matters not that you have a personal story to accompany the visual narrative, they should be enough to appeal and engage your guests. By filling up a portion of the wall, the negative space tricks you into thinking that your space is more expansive than it truly is.

That said, always pick a painting or image that suits the overall colours and theme of your home. Feel free to discuss with our friendly and expert designers at Thom Signature – we are an interior design consultancy that has been in business for 15 years with experience in HDB and condo interior design in Singapore. With a good eye for design, we can ensure that your design ideas will work harmoniously in the house.

4. Fix A Mirror On The Wall

Another approach is to install mirrors on the wall. You may look into expansive mirrors that take up the entire wall or perhaps, a regular sized one with an ornate design. Mirrors are one of the more popular solutions as not only can they transform your wall, it will transform your entire space! Essentially, mirrors reflect two things: light and images. This translates to a brighter room that appears bigger than it truly is. It’s a clever trick, especially for the smaller houses.


Make a statement wall using these 4 ideas! Whilst you can come up with a healthy combination, it’s best to stick to one lest your wall becomes too overwhelming. Contact Thom Signature and our professional designers will guide you through the entire process: from highlighting your options, choosing your designs, to finally, the installation. Leave it to the experts and you will end up with a wall to marvel at.

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