Saving Space: Creative Ways To Make Your Home More Spacious
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Saving Space: Creative Ways To Make Your Home More Spacious

We’ve talked about making small spaces in your home more spacious (read our last article here) and now, we want to take it a step further! This time, we are going to give out some pretty creative and dare we say ingenious DIY tips and tricks on expanding your space in convenient fashion. So without further ado, let’s check it out:

Embellish your kitchen island

There are some rather creative interior design Singapore ways to embellish your kitchen island at home with little to no hassle! For one, how about hanging your pots and pans high above with a sturdy ceiling contraption (hooks included to hang your crockery) so you can lessen the mess in your kitchen? Also, why not act a retractable counter to your kitchen island that can serve as a chopping board for all your cooking needs? You don’t ever need to buy another chopping board, unless in case of emergency.

Turn your corner into a makeshift bookshelf

This method is for those bibliophiles out there who can’t get enough of a good piece of literature. If your home has a staircase or landing with ample space, you can buy a bookshelf (or get an easily customisable DIY interior design Singapore shelf) and set up within the space where you can put your books away and decluttering your home space at the same time!

Upgrade your bed

Your bed is a sanctuary where you can sleep in peace, but what if we told you that your bed can also double as an interior design Singapore storage space? You can build a partition where you can store items that would otherwise contribute to the clutter in your home, such as your luggage and extra clothes/blankets/etc. Now you don’t have to worry about misplacing your bags!

Stairwells for storage

Your staircase is the perfect place to store your things, and this is not uncommon at all! In fact, there have been many interior design Singapore designers all over the world who have been pushing the limits of conserving space by hollowing out parts of the stairwell to expand the space and turn them into potential storage units. If you have a staircase, you can engage a trusted interior designer to help you create and design your own space for your staircase. Now you’ll no longer have to deal with all that mess in your home any longer!

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