Living Room Decor Ideas and Inspiration for Every Style
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Living Room Decor Ideas and Inspiration for Every Style

When considering quality living room decoration ideas, there are many to talk about. The living room is the room where we relax after a strenuous day at work. It also entertains us during the weekends as we watch the latest set of events in the evenings. Hence, your living room design should be well planned to show the lovely luxury interior design and how you intend to enjoy it. Are you still thinking about updating your lounge?  You have probably been shown the latest trends but you still feel confused about the ones that will stand the test of time while leaving your living room fresh and nice. From the finest color trends to the much-loved classics that exist in various styles, we have prepared the best luxury condominium interior design in Singapore for your living room.

Grey Living Room

Yes! Grey remains a favorite neutral even as it makes a beige comeback. Regardless if it is warm or cool, light or dark, you can select a grey to suit your taste and it is one of the simplest colors to select for any room in the home. You can select either a light and airy grey living room décor or a dramatic and deep décor. Select furnishings and paintings that depict various tones of the same shade. You can decide to keep it monochrome or include some colors. Remember that the pastels make light greys pop and bold accents spark up darker greys. All greys can benefit from the introduction of metallic.

Modern Living Room

Modern living room design attracts minimalism. The modern furniture sharp lines and accessories look exquisite in a pared-back setting. You need to use more mentality when selecting the pieces. If you wish to highlight the sleek and sophistication of the style, a black and white scheme with a touch of accent color will be your best bet.

Blue Living Room

The blue room is another popular color choice that is trending. From the rich inky blues to the navy blue, you can enjoy their time in the limelight. Fascinating wall color and a vibrant and versatile color that blends well with others are all you need. You can improve the brightness by mixing with other colors like grey and white. You can also add blush pink and mustard yellow to enhance the multicolor effect.

Floral Living Room

Not everyone likes florals but if you do, the floral living room décor is what you should consider. It can be in soft pastel hues or moody dark florals. They are becoming popular. They will ensure that your living room looks exciting for every season including summer and spring.

Luxury Living Room

Are you interested in a luxurious lounge? The luxury living room décor usually have two common features, the shinning metallic and the plush textures. We also love the curved velvet sofa that is paired with jewel-like accessories. The combination of gleaming brass and gold brings out the best of world’s finest hotels.

Are you still confused about affordable interior design for your living room? Contact us today for your living room or even bedroom renovation in Singapore – we are ever ready to work on your project.

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