How To Plan Your Wedding Reception
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How To Plan Your Wedding Reception

The reception at any wedding has always been a good reason for you and your guests to let your hair down and let loose, what with all the eating, drinking and dancing. If you were to ask any interior design Singapore consultancy, they would tell you that a truly unique and magnificent wedding reception always incorporate personal, fun and unique touches to keep guests smiling and talking about it for days on end. Hence, it’s time to get inspired with these creative ideas for planning a fun wedding reception:

Getting creative with the seating

At your wedding reception, you can use seating arrangements in a creative way to put guests together with people they’ll know and get along with, which would also act as a great idea to play matchmaker or force your guests to sit with strangers to make new friends! At the end of the day, getting your interior design Singapore wedding planner to help chart an ingeniously creative seating layout leads to great conversation, which could lead to an unforgettable night for your guests who might even walk away with some new friends in tow.

Party favours to get the party started

As any interior design Singapore planner might tell you, wedding favours are meant to be the cherry on top of a fabulous reception. Getting creative with some DIY favours lets your guests know how much you appreciate having them there. For instance, you can provide little tasty treats such as hot cocoa mix and marshmallows, or a cute succulent plant. You can even throw in a pair of sunglasses branded with your initials and wedding date to give your guests a little precious memento of your special day!

Toasting with fervour and joy

The wedding toast is the piece de resistance of the reception and is usually made by the best man or family members in attendance, or even the bride and groom on occasion. However, these toasts are meant to be short and sweet, so get your interior design Singapore planner in charge of the proceedings to ask anyone who’s speaking to make sure their toasts are no more than two minutes, no more no less. If they have any longer anecdotes, they can feel free to share at the rehearsal dinner beforehand so they can refine their toasts for the real thing.

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