Home Sweet Home: DIY Design Ideas For A Happier Home
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Home Sweet Home: DIY Design Ideas For A Happier Home

Hey there, budding homeowners! Looking to make your home the center of the universe of happiness for you and your family? Well, we have just the thing for you. Here are a few creative and ingenious DIY ideas to use colours and accents into your designs to make your home the epitome of absolute joy:

Shelf decorations

If you want to make your home a little more inviting, put down the paintbrush and opt for some really cute porcelain figurines which you can accentuate your shelf with, be it in the living room or dining area for example. For instance, if you find owl figurines to be quite relaxing, you can line your shelf with a few figurines albeit without overpowering the overall interior design Singapore ambience of your home.

Blue bedrooms

Now, blue may often be associated with sadness for some reason, but it’s actually a truly warm and relaxing interior design Singapore colour that can calm even the most anxious of folks. Related to the elements of nature, soft blue on your walls or ceiling can elicit the calming effects of the clear blue sky. So, inject a little blue into your bedroom to make it more fantastic!

Elevating your kitchen space

The kitchen is where delicious meals are whipped up for the whole family and hence is a great interior design Singapore space to brighten up. For example, you can use yellow to accentuate parts of your kitchen, which is especially essential in upping the happiness factor as it’s often seen as a vibrant and energising colour. Furthermore, yellow is a popular colour to use in many kitchens so make use of this in your kitchen today!

Go green with your bathroom

Firstly, we don’t mean letting all that mildew grow and cover your bathroom tiles until they give off that sickly greenish hue. There are some far more viable interior design Singapore alternatives, such as adding green-coloured accents and objects that soothe you into a happier frame of mind. Bright colours can bring too much energy to this space, which can be jarring in the morning and before bedtime, hence using a slightly darker tone that also is relaxing and appealing to the eyes help create a more languid atmosphere as a whole.

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