Free Up Your Limited Interior Space With 3 Essential Tips!
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Free Up Your Limited Interior Space With 3 Essential Tips!

As Singapore’s population increases with each year, the country experiences land scarcity and this translates to smaller homes for every resident. While a modest space does limit your options, it does not render home beautification impossible or obsolete. In fact, here are a few bedroom innovation techniques that you can adopt to make your home look more spacious.

1. Optimal Furniture Arrangement

Ensure that the furniture that you own does not take up an unnecessary amount of space. Space is scarce if your room is small and your mobility is thus affected. Limit the number of furniture pieces in your room and only get ones that you need. Arrange them in a manner that makes use of the space and the shape of your room. For instance, it’s better to place your king-sized bed flushed to the wall rather than right smack in the middle. This will open up the floor space and you’ll have an easier time walking around.

2. Be Smart With Your Space

Be smart with your choices and opt for furniture that holds two or more functions! Ideally, your furniture should be able to also act as a storage space for your items. For instance, opt for a storage bed frame where you can store the fancy bed linen that you use once a year.

Another option is to utilise your ceilings! Rather unconventional but they come in handy when you need space to store your items. Place your regular wall shelves near the ceiling with enough space in between for storage boxes. Since it’s placed at a height above the eye level, it will not be distracting and you will simultaneously free up the floor space. Be efficient and reduce crowding as much as you can.

3. The Illusion of Space

You can’t change the physical space of your room but you can, however, alter the perception of the space. There are a few tips that can trick the eye.

Always go for light and neutral colours for your walls. White, in particular, has the magical ability to make space look bigger than it actually is. Bold colours may only work if there is sufficient natural light that seeps into the room; thus you might want to take caution. Decide with a consultant from a luxury interior design firm of your choice to ensure there is harmony between the colours and textures of the furniture and décor.

Another hot tip is to make use of mirrors. Because of the reflected image of your room, it gives an illusion of a room that’s twice the size of the regular one. You can also be creative by grouping several small mirrors to create an impressive design. Mirrors are great tools that will brighten your room since they reflect both natural and artificial light.


No matter how big your room might be, you can enforce techniques that will make your room appear bigger. It may be tricky to figure out what works and what doesn’t, but don’t give up before you even started! Whether it’s a HDB or landed house renovation, you need to ensure you are making the most out of the available space in your home.

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