DIY Solutions For Your Kitchen This 2019
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DIY Solutions For Your Kitchen This 2019

Not having enough space in your kitchen is a common issue faced by many homeowners and many interior design Singapore professionals hoping to remedy this problem on the daily. Here are some ideal interior design Singapore solutions on how to create and establish ample space in your kitchen with ease, guaranteed!

Open shelf cabinets

If your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, you can use that open space as prime interior design Singapore storage territory. Since it’s a little out of the way and perhaps out of reach, you can construct an additional shelf or merely use the space above to store items you don’t use on a daily basis, like cake stands, a roasting pan, large stock pots, or a pressure cooker.

Magnetic knife strips

If you’re short on space on your kitchen counter, keep your knives organised with magnetic strips instead, a very handy interior design Singapore kitchen embellishment. On top of storing your knives in orderly fashion, these interior design Singapore magnetic strips are also useful for storing pot lids and other metal kitchen tools.

Emphasising your cabinets

This might be the most under-utilized space in your kitchen, hence this is the perfect interior design Singapore space to utilise for storing unused or unneeded items in your kitchen. Whether you buy an organiser to hang over the cabinet door, or use hooks to hang things like dish towels and pot holders, this is a smart storage area so use it well.

Use your oven for storage

If you don’t use your home oven as often for your cooking needs, it makes a handy interior design Singapore storage space as well. If you’re really short on cabinet space, use your oven to store baking sheets and cooling racks. Just remember to take them out before turning on the oven.

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