DIY Renovation Ideas For Your Home In 2018
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DIY Renovation Ideas For Your Home In 2018

So you want to renovate your home, but you feel uninspired and unsure of how and when you want to begin the renovations. Well, don’t fret! We have just the thing for you, so here are a few excellent DIY interior design Singapore ideas to help get you started:

Give your bathroom a nice overhaul

Instead of going for neutral colours such as white and beige all the time, why not go for an ostentatious aesthetic befitting of any good interior design Singapore company! Go for marble tiles or even stylised wall tiles to give your bathroom a truly vintage look.

Give your home a fresh coat of paint

If you ask any interior design Singapore company what can be done about home renovation, they’ll always say: Give it a fresh coat of paint. Not to be hyperbolic, but sometimes using a mish-mash of different colours can give your home a relatively fresh look and feel!

Get some Swedish inspiration

If you ever get stuck and lack inspiration even with your interior design Singapore company on board, take a walk down to any local IKEA store to get some much needed visual inspiration to give you some incredible ideas on what you’d like to add to your home. Bring that Nordic flair to spice up your home life!

Use some truly creative wallpaper designs

If you want to add a little interior design Singapore ingenuity to your home, you can lay down some wallpaper onto the walls of a separate room, for example if you have a baby on the way why not use wallpaper with cute animals and aesthetically pleasing colours to decorate your baby’s new room? You can speak with your interior design Singapore contractor to ask about the pros and cons of putting up wallpaper, but other than that use it to add a touch of visual flair!

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H/T: Architectural Digest

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