DIY Ideas To Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Larger
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DIY Ideas To Make Your Small Kitchen Seem Larger

If the kitchen in your home is pretty petite and not so spacious for your cooking needs, what can be done to enlargen the space between? Not to fret, here are a few key interior design Singapore features you can put to good use when it comes to making a small kitchen much larger than it is:

Using lighter colours to expand the space

One intriguing and affordable interior design Singapore feature for many homeowners is the use of lighter colours such as white, beige, yellow and other similar colours to help give off the illusion of more space in your kitchen. This is especially effective for kitchens that are compact and lacking in sufficient space, as this makes them seem larger than they actually are, thus making the use of light colours an effective interior design Singapore feature for homeowners on a budget.

Patterns used in unexpected ways

Unbeknownst to many homeowners, the kitchen floor is an oft-overlooked interior design Singapore feature that is criminally underused. So, to remedy this travesty of interior design Singapore justice, use high-impact designs (aka patterns) to lend your kitchen floor a much needed visual overhaul. Applying patterns help create the illusion of vast space to your kitchen, for instance you can use chevron or herringbone wood-floor patterns or go for hand-painted cement tiles for that more rustic look and feel.

Lighting makes it better

Lighting is a fundamental interior design Singapore concept that is essential to your home as a whole, especially your kitchen where much of the preparation of meals happen in a space where illumination is vastly important. So how does this factor into making a small kitchen seem more spacious? Use down-lights with decorative fixtures over key areas of the kitchen, such as your kitchen island and countertops for instance. Also, you can utilise little interior design Singapore embellishments such as flush or recessed fixtures, and even under-cabinet lighting can help do the trick. Remember, lighting to a kitchen is like a fish to water: you can’t do any cooking without some good lighting!

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