Bringing Balance To Your Design 101
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Bringing Balance To Your Design 101

As the old adage goes, life is about balance. As true as it may be, this can be applied to any interior design Singapore element as well and one of the most important aspects of interior design Singapore as a whole is the use of lines to bring balance to your design, so to speak. So without further ado, let us take a look at the kinds of lines that can bring balance to the force of interior design:

Lines in symmetry


Symmetrical lines are an oft-used interior design Singapore element, and you can most prominently see this being utilised in commercial environments such as restaurants and other formal eateries, for instance. This symmetry can be achieved when elements are repeated ad infinitum along a central axis, which helps convey a sense of calm and order albeit a tad too staid and unimaginative for the more creative minds out there. The use of symmetrical lines is usually employed through the arrangement of interior design Singapore elements such as furniture, lighting fixtures and the like for added effect.

Asymmetry in motion

In contrast, asymmetry is an indelibly creative interior design Singapore element that relies on the use of heavy objects to add a sense of visual weight to the environment. Instead of repeating elements within a space, the process of asymmetry relies on different elements of a similar perceived weight in order to achieve balance on the opposing axis, using complex objects that have dynamic structures to add a sense of fluidity to the design. Asymmetric design is a great interior design Singapore element that can be used for your home to reduce any monotony in the design structures.

Radial balances

As an interior design Singapore element, radial balance refers to the distributed arrangement of items around a central point either extending outward or inward in a circular pattern. Some instances of radial design include chairs centred around a table or even a circular lighting fixture. Radial design as an interior design Singapore element helps to create focus on a central item so that your attention is directed inward. As a whole, radial design is a great way to achieve this form of balance in your design.

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