Around The Corner: How To Decorate Corners Of Your Home
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Around The Corner: How To Decorate Corners Of Your Home

There are always parts of your house in dire need of some much needed touching up and the like. So, with our help here are a few interior design Singapore tips and tricks you need to turn those neglected corners into visual masterpieces, so let’s jump right into it:

Sneak in a room with a view

There is guaranteed to be at least a few corners in the bedrooms that look practically naked, and that can be quite a glaring eyesore for many interior design Singapore enthusiasts. So what can be done about it? Try this unique interior design Singapore technique of turning that corner next to your window into a little exciting space, such as a compact study lounge or even your very own cafe corner with some little embellishments such as potted plants and a bookstand for added effect. Having a great view outside your window is bound to give you added brownie points!

Add a little green to your corners

Speaking of potted plants, this is a wonderful interior design Singapore technique that you can use to alleviate and emphasise the corners of any room while also giving them a dash of much needed colour! Simply add flora of your own choosing, such as lilies and hydrangeas for instance, if the corner you wish to decorate is below or close to a window or any open space. Alternatively, throw in some cacti which works well in your favour, especially if you want plants that add some vibrance yet don’t require constant maintenance. Either way, having plants around do help to improve your mood and bring a little positivity to your day!

Get a nice little bookcase

Last and not least, if you’re a bibliophile looking to transform those ugly corners of your house look no further than the incredibly simple interior design Singapore trick of adding a bookcase stacked to the brim with literary works of all kinds! For added visual effect, throw in a few ostentatious embellishments such as couple of pewter bookends and some ornaments that you feel might set the mood to suit your own tastes and preferences. Don’t overload the bookcase though, as subtlety is still key and besides if you go overboard it might only serve to act as clutter instead so be mindful of this interior design Singapore rule of thumb.

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