6 Ways Interior Design Can Help To Create Your Luxury Home
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6 Ways Interior Design Can Help To Create Your Luxury Home

There is more to luxury than wealth; it is now ascertained in terms of class, quality, excellent taste and endurance. Turning your home into a modern luxurious place goes beyond just doing a simple bedroom renovation. You need to look for quality yet simple materials, polished decorative elements, and keep away from anything that borders too heavily decorated for your entire house. While on a budget, you can still create a home that looks luxurious.

Transforming your home into a luxurious haven is easy with the help of the best interior design firms in Singapore – as well as these 5 design tips to help guide you in your quest!

1. Colors

A little paint goes a long way, especially as far as the budget is concerned. A classy balance of varying brown, white and grey shades will cast your home in an affluent yet comforting ambience. Varying beautifully against these gloomy shades gold features can be used throughout the house which will amp up the luxurious factor.

Paint your dark walls light or light walls dark. Be aware, however, that dark walls will require more light painted layers. Whether you’re going light or dark, select neutral colors such as cinnamon, beige, white, blue midnight, charcoal, and brown. If you can manage a little more than paint, add to your kitchen, a new backsplash or retile your bathroom.

2. Big windows and long curtains

Make sure your home looks larger by adding reflective surfaces such as mirrors and substituting solid walls with transparent elements or panels to allow wonderful natural light to beautify the corners of your home.

It is common for homes to have plain window blinds and shades that speak nothing fabulous, nonetheless, there are easy ways to make your windows look beautiful. You can place your curtains close to the ceiling and long enough to touch the floor. Short curtains show how low your ceiling or how small your windows are, but long and wide curtains trick the eye into thinking the room is more spacious.

3. Don’t forget the art

Art is a great way of not only personifying a home but also to style up the space. The hues in the homes will allow your stellar collection of pottery, statues and painting to be fully appreciated. Artworks also dignify the modern décor. But as an alternative, you can have your family photos painted or crafted to act as your art piece.

To accentuate your living room, you can put up a wall art just above your sofa. Such a centerpiece for your entire living room will set the tone. Whether you want one or more art pieces, they will assist you in integrating basic colors into your home as well as different and new shades. With a few art pieces scattered around your home, it will give your modern home a touch of class and luxury.

4. Lighting

Lighting is the key to making your home more alive. Updating the fixtures, especially the lighting, could be the best way to create a luxurious home interior. Although, table lamp, standard floor lamps and light fixtures can look rather bilge. Several pendant lights either modern or vintage can be hanged around the house as an alternative.

Pendant lights look more classy and upscale, and there are quite a number of them to choose from, the metallic glass, abstract eclecticism and so on. In introducing a little extravagance to your home design and decor, a feature light is important. Even if you have to splurge on a chandelier, considering the difference it gives to a room, the price is relatively small.

5. Paint the inside of your drawers

The aim of the designer is to make the home look more stylish and trendy and you can do that too. Picking a bolder shade that will portray your décor and really stand out should be your concern, avoid a standard color like white.

Switching out your doorknobs and drawer pulls for a more elegant color will brighten the look of your room, this can be achieved faster than you think. Additionally, painting your inner doors is a fun, creative way of bringing character to your space, with much less risk and effort than going for a wall of accent or a completely painted room.

6. The garden

One of the features of a luxurious home is the garden, that is if you live in a landed property. The garden, a place where you relax and hang out when the sun is out. Cultivating a garden is no easy task but with time and efforts you can achieve this and it can be a piece of your luxury home.

Notwithstanding the size of your garden with lots of flowers or not, sitting outside is a must for summer seasons. So, a small patio with table and chairs is a great way to spruce up the space for lounging around on weekends. If you do not have an idea of what concept you want for your garden, browsing through landed property interior design magazines and websites can support you in finding a concept you love!

The beauty of a home is the pride of the owner – especially a home with elegance and class. Turning your home into luxury in Singapore is indeed a tasking job to do but with the help of a professional interior design firmyou can definitely make it happen!

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