6 Pros and Cons Of Getting An Open-Concept Bathroom
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6 Pros and Cons Of Getting An Open-Concept Bathroom

Ever since hotels adopted a spa-inspired approach to their bathrooms, the trend of getting an open-concept bathroom has risen. As the years go by, interior designers have mimicked this trend by knocking down the bathroom walls and adding glass as a replacement.

If you’re considering an uplift for your HDB or condo interior design, don’t overlook revamping your bathroom as well. Now, the question is, should you stick with what you’re comfortable with, or consider an open-plan bathroom? Let’s explore some of the boons and banes of an open-plan bathroom down below.

Pro #1: It allows natural light to penetrate throughout the room

While a dark bedroom is necessary for sleep, having an open-concept bathroom can help create a balance by providing more light during the daytime. Opening up your bathroom means that cement walls won’t obstruct light. Instead, it allows for more natural light to pass through, especially in your bathroom. This is ideal for compact rooms where bathrooms solely rely on artificial light.

Con #1: It lacks privacy

On the other hand, with the lack of opaque walls, anything you do in the bathroom can be seen or heard. The latter is a concern if you’re sharing a bedroom with someone who is a light sleeper since they might easily wake up once you turn on the showerhead. Furthermore, the bathroom is typically one’s private sanctuary to relax and rejuvenate with pleasant-smelling bath essentials. With glass walls, it might not be easy to recreate the same level of privacy as traditional bathrooms.

Pro #2: It creates the illusion of more space

With a see-through bathroom, it means that you’ll get to make the most out of your bedroom space. However, this has more to do with visuals rather than the actual square footage it takes up. By tearing down the walls that separate your en-suite bathroom from your room, it creates a more open look which, in turn, makes it look like your bedroom is spacious.

Con #2: It might increase moisture levels in the room

The lack of physical barriers means that the migration of moisture from the bathroom to the bedroom could be a potential issue. Sooner or later, your bedroom might end up smelling musty. Moreover, it can also encourage the growth of moulds on your walls and ceiling.

Pro #3: It exudes novelty

The grand and luxurious design creates an elevated sense of grandeur. There’s no cookie-cutter approach to your home, but there are design features that can set your home apart from others. And just by getting an open-plan bathroom renovation, nothing is more daring and unique than having a full view of your toilet. Not to mention, it also replicates the experience you get when staying in boutique hotels with a similar concept.

Con #3: It requires detailed planning

It’s not easy to pull off an open-plan bathroom that seamlessly integrates into your bedroom, but that’s not to say that it’s impossible. With the assistance of your interior designers, you’ll be sure to design a living space that you’re delighted and satisfied with.

An open-concept bathroom carries both pros and cons. And the process of attaining this look goes beyond demolishing the exterior walls. Factors like ventilation, choices of material and possible privacy solutions like frosted glass, can be considered as well. Open-concept or not, you’re always welcome to approach our designers at Thom Signature and gain their expert input on various designs. From home to bedroom renovations, our designers carry the relevant expertise as well as a wealth of experience to curate your dream interior.

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