Updating Your Kitchen In Style Hassle Free
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Updating Your Kitchen In Style Hassle Free

So you want to revamp your kitchen, but you don’t want to pay exorbitantly for renovation costs and the like. So what can you do? Don’t fret, here are some ingenious interior design Singapore tips and tricks that will update your kitchen in style without costing you a single cent, so here we go:

Get your cabinets repainted

Looking at your cabinets, they might feel outdated and worn down especially if you’ve had them in your kitchen for a number of years. So, to freshen them up one great interior design Singapore tip is to have them repainted with a fresh new coat and a new lease on life as well! You can opt for a myriad of warm and fresh colours, such as blue, green or even wood-brown colours, but make sure not to break the existing decor and aesthetic of your kitchen at present. Alternatively, one other great interior design Singapore tip is to apply varnish to your wooden cabinets if they are still in good condition albeit looking a little worn out in places; this way you can make your cabinets look as fresh and brand-new as the first day you purchased them.

Add some sconces to your kitchen

If you want to add a little pizazz to your kitchen, this interior design Singapore feature might just come in handy! Sconces come in many shapes and sizes, and these lighting marvels have proven to be especially appealing in the visual apartment as a great interior design Singapore aesthetic. For example, you can have swing-arm sconces installed above open shelving; this helps provide lovely ambient light and offer more personality than your standard recessed or track lighting. Sconces are a truly amazing interior design Singapore feature to add to any kitchen, so apply them to yours today!

Embellish your kitchen with some visual treats

Sometimes, your kitchen can come off looking rather rigid and staid in terms of visual appeal, so it helps to put in some little visual embellishments around the kitchen that provide that vibrant and playful interior design Singapore aesthetic while not getting in the way as you go about cooking your meals. For instance, you can have a stylish clock hung in a corner of the kitchen, or even have some framed posters of motivational quotes placed neatly on a shelf adjacent to the kitchen entrance for that particular visual aesthetic that helps get you pumped up and ready to cook! Whatever suits your fancy, these interior design Singapore tips and tricks help to make your kitchen lively again!

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