Tips on Designing Small Bathrooms (Pt.1)
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Tips on Designing Small Bathrooms (Pt.1)

While bath time is arguably one of the most relaxing time spent at home, having a small crammed bathroom might not be the best way to spend this time. Here are tips for designing that small bathroom for more enjoyable bath times.

1. Push the sink to the corner

When it comes to Interior Design Singapore, placing a corner sink across the toilet rather than placing a sink across from the shower is an option worth considering as it optimises every single space in the tiny bathroom.

2. Replace the glass doors.

Shower curtains or a glass panel save a lot of space compared to glass doors that goes in and out and still does the same job of keeping most of the water in the shower.

3. Round or Float the vanity.

Small spaces aren’t exactly the most safety friendly for your hips especially when there’s sharp corners around. Consider getting a rounded style vanity in Interior Design Singapore!

Alternatively, you can squeeze out a little space and visual expansion by mounting a vanity above the floor.

4. Extend the counter over the toilet.

This minimalist look in Interior Design Singapore can be achieved using a stone/wood slab. Doing so will create space for a few extra essentials without affecting the toilet placement.

5. Enlarge the mirror

If your mornings consist of fighting with your sibling or spouse for mirror space to get ready, you can tackle this morning headache by having a mirror that stretches across the wall to enable more than one to use at once.

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