Review of Sengkang 5-Room
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Review of Sengkang 5-Room

Thom Signature Reviews: Sengkang 5-Room

Project Description

This Sengkang 5-Room renovation project was for a resale flat of 125 square meters for a 3 generation family consisting of grandparents, a husband and wife with 2 daughters of ages 8 and 5. The clients are a returning client who were delighted with the quality of workmanship, service and designs for their 4-room BTO flat 7 years ago. This resale flat is only 7 years old, thus the condition of the flat is very good. However, the client wanted a facelift of the original flat.


Design approach

Thom Signature Reviews: For the Sengkang 5-Room project, the clients’ design intention was to create an abundance of storage space. With this idea in mind, the design approach was to create this extra storage space in every area of the home.

Living Room: The living room and dining area is the most iconic area of the home, appealing to anyone the moment they step into the flat. You are welcomed immediately by the arches on the door – a Scandinavian concept with a tweak of curve elements. These curve elements flow around the entire house. Also in the living room, there is a concealed door for the bomb shelter but it also has plenty of storage space. Upon entering, the left hand side now has a shoe cabinet that segregates the kitchen.

A study area was carved out of the living room, built with a false wall separating the 2 areas. The study room has 2 study tables, with natural lighting and a ceiling fan, creating a very conducive area for study and or working. It also contains some closet space.

The false wall that was created to partition the study room from the living room also served the purpose of allowing concealment of the cables for the mounted TV, and allowed for a suspended TV console with the consistent curved theme. There are also some in-built profile LED lighting to create a nice atmosphere in the living area, again implemented on the false wall.


Kitchen: For the kitchen area, we took down the wall to create an open concept kitchen. The clients are not heavy cookers at this point in time, hence they preferred the open concept as it makes the space look bigger and more inviting. The L-shaped storage acts as the separator between the entrance area and the kitchen. The kitchen was minimally stressed as owner preferred a top cabinet to a cooker hood. Hence the clients use and induction stove to cook their meals, utilising the space above as more storage space for their kitchenware.

The laundry area was opened up, making the space look bigger. This allowed space for the dry pantry, with an area to store the dry groceries.


Bathroom: The bathrooms were entirely revamped with new designs from the original. Again, storage was the top priority. For the bathrooms’ storage, vertical storage systems were implemented with plenty of space to store all the toiletries. The mirrors are also very interesting concepts. The common bathroom was designed to have an airier and brighter feel, whereas the master bathroom was designed to be a little dimmer to create some mood lighting. The master bathroom was dressed up with wood elements, using timber-looking tiles to create a nicer atmosphere. Common and master bathroom had very different designs.



Master Bedroom: The master bedroom was designed with an L-shaped wardrobe with a front chest of drawers. A small desk was incorporated for immediate work such as zoom calls.

As for the daughters’ bedroom, they are sharing 1 room with a bunk bed and a closet with some curve elements implemented as well. The theme was light pink, created specifically with the daughters color preferences in mind. The grandparents’ room is a simple design of wardrobe and bed.



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