Review of Blk 47 Jalan Tiga
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Review of Blk 47 Jalan Tiga

Thom Signature Reviews: Blk Blk 47 Jalan Tiga

Project Description

This Block Blk 47 Jalan Tiga 5-Room project was a resale flat. The clients are a family consisting of husband, wife and 3 children including a 1-year old baby and a helper. The client is a recurring client who decided to re-engage our services after 7 years as they really like our work. The family is moving from a BTO to a resale flat in a mature estate and a prime area.

Design approach

Thom Signature Reviews: For the Blk 47 Jalan Tiga project, the client wanted to completely change the existing configuration of the flat, hence this was a full-fledged renovation including a retiling of the 2 bathrooms, master and common bathrooms and the kitchen. The living area and bedroom were fitted with vinyl flooring. Whole concept consisitng of modern contemporary concept.

Living Room: Starting with the entrance to the home – we incorporated a very interesting tile pattern to denote the foyer entrance – a unique fish scale design. The flooring here was designed with the idea that anyone can remove footwear in that area. Then we implemented a curve concept for the shoe cabinet which leads to the dining area which demonstrates a very interesting visual for dining backdrop with fluted strips that are alternately planned to create a wavy effect.

Round and curve elements were created in the living room and the dining area. The ceiling was also done in such a way to have curve cove like ceiling leading rom the living room to dining area. This truly provides a luxury look. The TV feature wall incorporated sintered stone marble look. Large format tiles were used to bring in luxury effect. Lighting elements were implemented with many different types of wall lights for the TV area, including blue fluted light strips to break the monotone of the TV. Low cabinet was also built that stretches all the way to piano area. Hanging lights were used to create a nice ambience. All in all, this was very comprehensive carpentry woodworking done in living room.

Kitchen & dining areas: The kitchen area has a parallel concept kitchen cabinet so we used wrapover light strips from the top of of the carpentry to shine down to the counter area. The counter top will be appealed by the counter top sintered stone that gives a high backsplash that wraps up to the back of the counter. An electric laundry was installed and we managed to consume storage litter in part of carpentry that was installed in kitchen area.

Master Bedroom: The master bedroom head had full fledged carpentry work done and using two tones to break visual effect. A dresser unit was parked beside the master wardrobe to camouflage the access to the window to aircon ledge. A half moon mirror was incorporated in front of the window, and once it is opened it can be moved to provide access to the air con ledge. As for the bathroom, mosaic tiles were used in the shower area complete with a darkwood vanity top to give contrast to sand-colored walls and floor tiles. The whole concept looks like hotel bathroom.

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