Review of Blk 710 Pasir Ris
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Review of Blk 710 Pasir Ris

Thom Signature Reviews: Blk 710 Pasir Ris

Project Description

This Block 710 Pasir Ris 5-Room project was a resale flat of about 1,500 to 1,600 square feet. The client was a 3 generation family, and they did not feel that the layout of the house suited them. Thus they decided to revamp the entire house: kitchen, both bathrooms, living room and bedrooms. .

Design approach

Thom Signature Reviews: For the blk 710 Pasir Ris project, the clients’ design intention was to create an industrial Scandinavian feel with a big living area space for the grandchildren and grandparents. The grandmother loves cooking as well, hence heavy cooking would be inevitable. With these key ideas in mind, the design approach was implemented.

Living Room: The living room tiles were redone with 60cm by 60cm tiles and have light coloring to create the effect of big space in the living area. There is no built-in furniture in the living room area as the clients are quite fond of shifting their furniture around from time to time for a different feel. The industrial Scandinavian feel was implemented through the wooden and laminate, with some black essences spread across the house. A ceiling L-box was created for a light profile with dimmable lights in the entire living room, for a movie night atmosphere with the kids.

The entrance foyer is laid with decorative tiles to differentiate the space from the living area. The shoe cabinet with a display top works for the clients well, providing lots of space. The seti storage also helps with storage and provides a nice sitting area to do some morning reading or even absorb some nice Vitamin D from the morning sun.

Kitchen: The kitchen area was initially separated by a wall dividing the yard and dining area from the kitchen. However, the client wanted to have more natural light flowing through the kitchen and into the dining area, hence the wall dividing the areas was removed which allows for far more light to spill over into the dining area. As a lot of heavy cooking will be carried out, a big sliding glass door was introduced to keep the smell confined to the kitchen area yet still allowing light to flow through to the dining area. The client wanted to have 2 walking paths into the kitchen area, hence the sliding door was well kept centrally in front of the kitchen island allowing for the walking paths on either side of the door and island.

The preparation area for cooking was not enough, therefore the clients opted to have a kitchen island which serves as some extra storage as well as a breakfast area for quick meals.

Bathrooms: After hacking the bathrooms, we realised that there was a lot of recess areas in the walls due to the building structure. This worked out very well for the new built shampoo niches. Vanity was incorporated into the master bathroom with an angled display shelf for easy entrance without affecting the walkway to the bathroom.

Master Bedroom: The master bedroom wardrobe is a big and long design which is fantastic for storage. It is a simple wardrobe that complements and elevates the bedframe.

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