Things You Should Let Your Interior Designer Know In Advance (Pt.1)
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Things You Should Let Your Interior Designer Know In Advance (Pt.1)

We all have our dreams and ideas about how we envision our dream homes to be. Take the initiative to voice out these ideas, relevant considerations and requirements to your interior designer before they design something that may not meet your preferences and needs. Here is a list of information that your interior designer should be informed about before they do their magic on your home:

1. The number of people residing in the unit as well as their specific needs

This is important for the interior designer to plan the space well such that everyone gets a comfortable amount of space to live in as well as the common and individuals themes for the shared spaces and personal rooms respectively. In Interior Design Singapore, having elderly or young children affects the choice of furniture and design to ensure the safety of every member.

2. Whether you have a pet or plans to have a pet in the near future

Having pet-friendly furniture allows your pet to roam freely and safely while creating not so much mess. Keeping your Interior Designer in the loop about you having pets or your plans to have pets give them the need information to pick scratch and water-resistant materials for your furniture in Interior Design Singapore.

3. The amount of money you’re willing to pay

With the budget in mind, your interior designer can choose the appropriate and affordable options for furniture, materials and services in Interior Design Singapore. You can then enjoy your stylish new home without breaking your bank!

4. Frequency of cooking at home

Cooking enthusiasts will definitely have a lot more kitchen equipment and utensils. Therefore, they need more storage and space in the kitchen when it comes to Interior Design Singapore. Let your Interior Designer know about this beforehand so that they can make the maximise space for more hassle free cooking sessions!

5. The intended duration to occupy the house

Interior Design Singapore goes a long way to accommodate the needs of your family in the present and future. For those who have young children or plan to have children, your interior designer can design height-adjustable furniture and more flexible themes to cater to the changing needs of your growing children.

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