The Feng Shui Know-Hows For An Excellent Interior Design
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The Feng Shui Know-Hows For An Excellent Interior Design

The ideal home interior is one that is in harmony with nature. Planning your condo’s interior design gets considerably harder when you have no idea how to even start. Not to fret, you can always refer to Feng Shui principles as a guide and transform your home into a sanctuary and haven. Read on if you wish to learn how you can incorporate these principles into your home.

Include The 5 Feng Shui Elements

The very first thing you need to know about Feng Shui and its implementation is its five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. It’s imperative that all these elements are present in your home to achieve harmonious universal energy, also known as Chi. Each of these elements has its specific colours, sounds, compass directions, amongst many others. The exact material doesn’t need to be present and you can opt for their expressions and representations instead.

Use Feng Shui Color Codes

The most straightforward representation that’s easy to incorporate in your design is their colours. Each element has a specific colour and they represent the energy of your desired element.

  • Wood element as the energy of growth, abundance, steadiness: shades of brown and green.
  • Fire element as the energy of warmth, sensuality and passion: shades of red, yellow, orange and purple
  • Earth element as the energy for stability, trust and reliability: shades of neutrals such as beige, sandy and taupe
  • Metal element as the energy of clarity, productivity and discipline: shades of white and grey
  • Water element as the energy of purity, ease and renewal: shades of blue and black

First, figure out the desired element you would like to bring in your home and later pick the colour that corresponds to that element. For instance, you may want to choose green shades for your kitchen walls to promote digestion and growth. Opt for wooden panel décor if you have no problem incurring extra kitchen renovation costs.

Discover and Incorporate Your Birth Element

Once you’ve figured the elements and how’d they benefit your space, you will need to put your own energy into the mix. If you’re not quite sure what your Feng Shui energy might be, here’s a general break down:

  • If your birth year ends with 0 or 1, your birth element is metal.
  • If your birth year ends with 2 or 3, your birth element is water.
  • If your birth year ends with 4 or 5, your birth element is wood.
  • If your birth year ends with 6 or 7, your element is fire.
  • And if your birth year ends with 8 or 9, your element is earth.

You will thus need to pair these elements to build a supportive relationship. For instance, if you seek stability in your home, you will need to add wood elements into the room and forego its counter element, wood. It’s a rather complex cycle, so be sure to explore the depths of each element and their relationships with each other before you move forward. Talk to your interior design consultancy firm and they might just know a thing or two.


Outside of the elements, there are a few other aspects to feng shui. Since it is about the flow of energy, one of the basic methods to ensure that your energy flow is smooth and fluid is to declutter! A cluttered and disorganised room will not only cause disarray to your energy and emotions, but you’d lose bits of energy as your mind tries to make sense of your environment.

Allow Natural Light

Another essential element that can seamlessly add harmony between design and nature is an abundance of natural light. Most firms will consider this when you’ve opted for a landed house renovation. With accordance to feng shui principles, light is represented by the fire element and its compass direction favours south and southwest. So try to have your windows facing south or southwest!


Using these feng shui principles, you can now create a home that is harmonious in both design and energy. These principles, whilst great when it comes to design and space, can be incorporated in your daily life as well! Figure out which elements work best for you and your life may just change for the better.

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