The 5 Fundamentals To Curate A Functional Kitchen Design
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The 5 Fundamentals To Curate A Functional Kitchen Design

If you are a homeowner, nothing will be more fulfilling than having a functional and artful kitchen. But to make this a reality, you have to understand some basic principles and rules of interior design. Planning the design of your kitchen requires a holistic approach involving different elements such as space, lines, light and colour. Here are 5 rules of kitchen design for a tailored yet functional space, especially when you are considering to opt for a kitchen renovation package in Singapore.

1. Maintain A Functional Symmetry

Symmetry is one of the fundamental principles of designing a functional and well-tailored kitchen space. This may be tricky, especially when you take into consideration the average size of homes in Singapore. That said, whilst perfect symmetry is almost impossible, you can still achieve a sense of aesthetical harmony through subtle symmetry. This may be done in a couple of ways:

Reflection: Dividing the space with objects that mirror each other, for instance, two sets of chairs that are divided by a dining table.

Rotational: Include objects that induce symmetry in any direction and angle. Place objects such as a round dining room table, in the middle and have them be the central focal point.

Transitional: This means repetition in pattern and design, and you can easily achieve this with kitchen tiles, for example.

Symmetry is used to create a unique sense of balance and stability that makes your kitchen the ideal place for cooking. Even with an asymmetrical kitchen room, the appropriate arrangement will add some symmetry to it.

2. Decide On Your Focal Points

Consider adding a focal point such as a dining table or a kitchen island, to draw the attention of those that first enter your kitchen. You can rely on these statement pieces to bring their attention away from other distractions. Whilst furniture tends to be the most straightforward focal points, you can use the sink or the window as centre points as well. Since these items are the most attention-grabbing, ensure that they are always clean and well-organised at all times.

3. Scale The Objects Of Your Kitchen

The objects in your kitchen should be sized relative to one another. The size of your space is not the only aspect that should be considered, you need to ensure that your furniture and kitchenware don’t appear too small or too large in comparison to each other. For instance, a massive kitchen island may not be that great of an idea if it’s at the expense of your thoroughfare. With the proper scale, the space should be adequate for what is contained therein. It’s challenging and it’s best if you leave it to the experts. Discuss with an interior design consultancy in Singapore to get it all just right.

4. The Importance Of A Countertop

Your kitchen countertop, more than often, is the centre point of many kitchens. And rightfully so, as they can either drive the theme or be the supporting element. That said, the countertop isn’t the only thing that you need to keep in mind. Whilst you ponder about what colour, texture and formality the countertop should have, you also need to visualise the accessories that will sit on top of it. They can make a lot of difference to the overall look of your kitchen.

5. Improve Your Lighting

Your kitchen is where accidents can, and will, happen. Kitchen safety is crucial and this depends largely on your lighting. You’re more likely to cut yourself or burn yourself when you can’t see what you’re doing. Furthermore, adequate lighting not only keeps you from potential dangers, but it will also make your kitchen appear more lively and calm.


These simple rules are ideal for improving the design of your kitchen and adding a uniqueness of functional, tailored space. If you are unable to design your kitchen, you can always employ the services of a condo and landed house interior design in Singapore. Discuss your ideal kitchen aesthetic and watch them make it into reality!

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