Redesigning Your Garage: Tips And Tricks
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Redesigning Your Garage: Tips And Tricks

If you live on a landed property and have a garage of your own, you might want to give it a nice old fashioned interior design Singapore makeover. So, here are some great old interior design Singapore tips and tricks just for you on how to revamp your garage in style:

Lighting can be upgraded

If you’re looking for viable interior design Singapore lighting alternatives, go for energy-saving light bulbs that are eco-friendly and cost-effective not to mention offer an abundant alternative as a great light source within a confined space such as your garage. Make sure to plan out your garage layout so that the lighting is prioritized and used to illuminate the entire interior without any issues.

Make some space for storage

Another important interior design Singapore point of note is making some space for storage in your garage. You would need storage shelves and some much-needed space for your tools and any other stuff that won’t be able to fit in your house, so the most ingenious interior design Singapore way is to construct storage cabinets that allow for ample space to be designed in order to reduce clutter as a whole.

Refurbish the flooring

This last interior design Singapore tip is important as the floor of your garage is very different, hence far removed from the rest of the house. Finding the right material to upholster your flooring is crucial when it comes to the garage, such as concrete for instance. While concrete is not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing, it does provide some functionality and are sturdy and durable in the long run. If you want a more aesthetically pleasing alternative, you can engage an interior design Singapore contractor to help you come with materials that are both functional and fashionable at the same time.

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