More Design Ideas For Pets In Your Home
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More Design Ideas For Pets In Your Home

Need more inspiration when taking care of your new furry friends in your home? Here are more of these handy interior design Singapore tips and tricks for helping make your home a true sanctuary for your lovely pets:

Meeting your pet’s every need

Your pets need to be fed and relieve themselves just like any living being, so having a food bowl and litter tray is important. However, they have to accessible and still remain out of plain sight, so how can this be achieved? One interior design Singapore tip of note here is to monitor your pets’ habits on the daily, where they might be most likely to go to for instance. Take for example the litter box; if your cat heads into the bathroom to relieve itself, the best choice here is to place its litter box in said bathroom preferably underneath the sink so it can do its business with ease.

Get rid of hazardous furniture

To ensure the interior design Singapore environment you’ve helped cultivate for your pets is safe, do not go for furniture made of glass or low-lying ones with sharp edges as they could seriously endanger your pets. Also, go for tables with metal legs so as to make sure your dog doesn’t leave any bite marks on the table legs, for instance. Lastly, go for taller furniture that will ensure any and all contents are kept out of reach of your pets’ curious paws.

Provide a space for them to nap

Your pet needs a place to nap and recharge their batteries, so a great interior design Singapore tip is to set aside a nice quiet place for where they can take a nap in peace. Some great places in your home might be suitable according to where your pet feels most comfortable, be it perched up on a shelf or in a small cozy corner of the bedroom. As such, give that particular space some much needed embellishment with a warm bed and some soft pillows (and chew toys) for them to snuggle up and sleep to their heart’s content.

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