Lighting Your Kitchen: Best Tips & Tricks For Homeowners
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Lighting Your Kitchen: Best Tips & Tricks For Homeowners

When considering what to put in a kitchen, we often look at countertops and cabinets on top of cutlery and crockery as being of utmost priority, but what about the lighting? Without proper lighting, it might be hard to prepare your meat and vegetables for dinner in efficient fashion, and furthermore there are so many varieties of lighting to choose from, be it chandeliers or uplights and the like. So what are the best ways to choose the most appropriate lighting for your kitchen? Let’s take a look at a few tips here:

Always put safety first

Whatever you choose to help light your kitchen, always remember that safe illumination is the most important interior design Singapore factor to be considered. Task lightings like LED strip lights in the cabinet cast no shadow and create a lovely space or a track system over a specific area.

Use lighting fixtures that suit your style

Use fixtures that best fit in with the interior design Singapore theme of your home, but also serve their function apart from being aesthetically pleasing. For instance, lighting that imparts an organic feel like woven, wood beaded and rattan fixtures are the best fit for coastal décor. Likewise, if your kitchen space follows a modern space, choosing lights with metal materials, clean lines and geometric shapes will be accurate.

Add a dash of layer lighting to your kitchen

Layer lighting has various shades of light and shadows to highlight the specific interior design Singapore features of a room. It’s especially useful in the kitchen, where it includes accent lighting to emphasise a piece of art or any decorative elements on display, task lighting for your cooking area, aka your stove and countertop, and ambient illumination for general lighting purposes.

Choose the right sizes for lighting

It is imperative that you find out the sizes of decorative interior design Singapore fixtures and pendant lights that you wish to install in your kitchen area. If your kitchen is small and lighting fixtures are large, the kitchen will be overwhelmed. Likewise, if the kitchen is large, the small lighting will be lost in the bigger space and unable to provide proper illumination as a result.

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