Interior Design Checklist For Beginners
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Interior Design Checklist For Beginners

The world of interior design is a fascinating vast landscape full of great talented individuals who are dedicated to their craft. While passion and abundance of talent goes a long way in this business, there are a few unwritten rules that every budding interior design Singapore designer has to subscribe if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few ‘golden rules’ that every interior design Singapore designer should follow, so let’s jump right into it:

Function before fashion

No doubt it’s one thing to create interior spaces that are visually stunning for your clients, but as an interior designer one of the more important rules to note is how functional is the space apart from it being aesthetically pleasing. This is an integral interior design Singapore rule of thumb, as one has to determine what will take place in the interior space itself and develop preliminary concepts in accordance. Some requisites to take note of include determining sources of light (both natural and artificial), storage options, types of flooring, how the furniture is placed and arranged in each room, etc.

Telling a good story

When designing any home interior, always remember that you’re helping your clients tell a story of their own through the use of various interior design Singapore techniques to bring their unique vision to life. Every element in the home has a story to tell, and stringing them together throughout helps create a visually ubiquitous aesthetic, be it contemporary and whimsical or rustic with hints of nostalgia. Remember to tell your client’s story through the use of visual interior design Singapore aestheticization.

Place a lot of emphasis

The term “emphasis” gets bandied about a lot in the interior design Singapore industry, and there’s a reason why. Emphasis is seen as one of the most crucial interior design concepts, as it encompasses the idea of accentuating certain key elements within any given space to give it more character and depth. The elements most likely to strongly accentuate the given space is often emphasised more, thus making them focal points as a result. For example, a commercial space may emphasise on key aspects of its design, i.e. a restaurant relies on the decor, lighting and furniture to attract patrons. Same goes for home interior design Singapore spaces; the more emphasis there is on focal points such as lighting fixtures, walls, flooring, furniture and other little embellishments, the more attractive and visually striking the home interior will be to your clients.

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