How To Design Your Home For Your Pets
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How To Design Your Home For Your Pets

Intending to adopt a new furry member to the family? Not to worry, we got you covered here with these handy interior design Singapore tips and tricks on how to make your home every bit as comfortable for your new pet:

Choosing the right fabrics for your furniture

We all know how certain pets such as cats, for example, like to rake their claws across your sofa and chairs, which ends up making the upholstery look like they were mauled by Freddy Krueger. On top of that, fur and hair left behind by your pets can be quite troublesome when it comes to removing them, especially if you have relatives with particular allergies. Thus, a good interior design Singapore tip here is to choose fabrics such as leather and synthetic microfibre, which are easy to clean and maintain hassle-free, not to mention extremely versatile and durable as well.

Making surfaces easy to clean

If you want your home to remain in the best possible condition at all times, make sure surfaces of interior design Singapore elements, such as the walls and floors, are easy to clean and maintain always. For instance, choose paints that give your walls that nice glossy sheen and texture which allows for easy clean-up of paw prints and other normally troublesome stains. As for the flooring, opt for scratch-resistant materials that still retain a level of friction so your pet doesn’t end doing its best impression of Swan Lake on your floor, such as vinyl which is the go-to material for most pet owners.

Making sure your pet has ample space

Your pets, such as cats and dogs, need to be able to freely move about without restriction or else they will be left feeling stifled and boxed up. To solve this problem in your home, introduce interior design Singapore elements that will facilitate movement rather than hinder it when it comes to your pets. For instance, installing pet flaps on bedroom doors and even the bathroom allows for pets to move to and fro freely without restriction. If you own cats, having an interior design Singapore contractor design a custom ramp and ladders for your cats will help your furry felines navigate every nook and cranny of your home like the sneaky darlings they are!

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