Growing Pains: Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers
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Growing Pains: Bedroom Ideas For Teenagers

Your kids will come of age, and so will their tastes and preferences along with it! As such, this is where interior design Singapore trends come into play, especially if your teen is very much in tune with the latest trends at the moment, so here are a few interior design Singapore tips and tricks to keep your teenager happy and feeling awesome in their bedroom:

Integrate your teen’s style into their bedroom

As many interior design Singapore firms might tell you as a small piece of advice, many if not most teenagers opt for a more contemporary look in line with the space of their bedroom, which would be usually cozy and comfortable. One way to tackle this interior design Singapore trend is to remember to keep the room’s proportions in mind here. For instance, if your teen prefers curvy lines with some fluff on the side, have a canopy bed contrasted by simple and clean furniture. Likewise, if your teen is more inclined towards a modernist approach, go for bold colours and patterns that contrast well with the overall aesthetic of their bedroom.

Choosing bold colours

Speaking of bold colours, most teens are very much inclined to go for bold colours which they might feel adds a level of visual appeal to their bedroom. But application of bold colours require some subtlety, so one interior design Singapore tip on hand is to try using a bold colour on an accent with coordinating colours repeated around the bedroom in small doses. For instance, adding a dark-coloured rug such as a boldly printed rug with animal prints in the center of the bedroom can provide an added layer of dimension, as well as adding a mural to a part of the room which can be visually appealing.

Provide more storage for the bedroom

One interior design Singapore tip to take note of here is the storage. Teenagers need a lot of storage in their room, hence it’s best to get furniture that allows for storage to be maximised and optimised fully in tight spaces. For example, end tables with drawers and shelves or even beds with built-in storage can do just the trick to solve the interior design Singapore storage crisis hassle-free!

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