Going Green At Home: 3 Simple Tips For You
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Going Green At Home: 3 Simple Tips For You

Want to get more eco-friendly at home, but have no idea where to start? Go green at home with these clever interior design Singapore tips and tricks to get you started on your first step towards saving the planet so here we go:

Choosing large windows

One great interior design Singapore tip you can use for your home is having large windows in your home. This is a great eco-friendly method for a couple of reasons: one, large windows allow for sunlight to be utilised to the fullest within the confines of your home for the purpose of illumination, and two, larger windows come with catchments that can collect rainwater which you can use to water your plants (if you have any), so that makes for a rather ingenious use of large windows.

Choosing Green Label products

Another great interior design Singapore tip here is to choose products and items that contain the Green Label on them. For those not in the know, the Green Label is part of the Singapore Green Labelling Scheme initiative to get more environment-friendly products in every Singapore home. Every product with a Green Label, such as washing machines, fridges and dishwashers for example, are easily identifiable hence moving closer towards reducing your carbon footprint as a whole.

‘Greening up’ your home interior

The last interior design Singapore tip you can use in your home is to ‘green’ it up! What do we mean by that? Well, you can embellish parts of your home, such as your kitchen and balcony, with some potted plants! This is a great way to introduce some greenery to your surroundings and also, plants help to enliven a home in more ways than one. Alternatively, you can get some cacti for purely aesthetic purposes if you feel you lack a green thumb, so to speak.

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